Words from the IACDS President: Starting 2023 with excitement for the new projects!

Published 6/3, 2023 at 09:31

So, my first year as the IACDS president begins. Not only it’s a great honour to join the board of directors of this association, it’s also a great opportunity and responsibility. That said, what is our course of action now?

The last couple of years had a profound effect on all of us. The pandemic and the ‘new normal’ it left behind is something we are still struggling to adjust to. The complex economic situation is also something we have in mind. In these conditions, working and moving forward can be a challenging task. Since there are still a lot of uncertainties brought upon us by the economic crisis, international conflicts and other limiting factors, such as the recent natural disasters in various countries, the future of the industry is very hard to predict.

Through all of this, the IACDS and our member associations, contractor members and manufacturers have proved, time and time again, their strength and resilience when faced with adversities. Their willingness to share their knowledge and exchange ideas and projects is the key in the success of all the involved.

However, as the time passes, the world moves on. Every year, more companies and associations come back together in order to solve the current problems and help the industry grow. We can see this through the return of the face to face events, such as BeBoSa 2023, which is taking place this March.

So, in order to contribute to this tendency, we are very excited to announce the IACDS Annual Convention, which will take place in Venice, Italy, on 25 and 26 May. With this event, we are aiming to reunite the industry professionals in order to discuss the current situation, work hand in hand with each other, as well as gain a deeper insight about the state of the concrete drillers and sawers industry.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the globe, CSDA is launching its annual convention! The event is scheduled from 29 to 31 March in Hamilton, Bermuda. Commemorating the association’s 50th Anniversary, our goal is to reignite this event and, most importantly, meet each other face to face and have a great time!

Overall, for myself, the bottom line is this: while the pandemic has changed a lot, every day we are getting closer to how things were before Covid-19. Moving forward whilst learning from the past, continue to improve our associations and companies and grow as professionals should be our main goal. This 2023 is a very promising year for everyone; let’s give it the best we have to offer.

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