Words from the IACDS President: It’s time to look ahead!

Published 30/12, 2020 at 08:40

It's done! The Christmas goose is eaten, the presents are unpacked, the family is back home again and New Year's Eve is over. In short, we have passed the year 2020 and we have made it through the year of the years.

We can finally look ahead, look forward to a new era and have new goals in mind. But what are your goals for the coming year? For example, I made a resolution this year to devote more time for my children and grandchildren. I think that is a very good decision, because the time you spend with your children or grandchildren cannot be taken away from you. And what do we really want to achieve in this life? Do we want to get rich like Elon Musk? Do we want to have power like Donald Trump? In the end, we can't take either wealth or power with us. It's not for nothing that people use the saying: ‘the last shirt has no pockets’. But what we can take with us is the experienced love of our children and grandchildren. So let's take the time, it’s a time that won't come back.

But what did the IACDS achieve exactly in the past year?  We held a virtual annual general assembly in October at which it was decided to hold webinars over the coming year. In autumn of last year, a structural survey was started among the member companies of the associations and the member associations themselves, which can be accessed and viewed at www.IACDS.org. As you know, the IACDS would have loved to celebrate its 25th anniversary last year. Unfortunately, the celebrations had to be cancelled, but as a small compensation our anniversary yearbook has been available at www.IACDS.org since December 2020.

Looking ahead, in early March next year, the CSDA is planning to hold its annual general assembly at the Hamilton Princess Resort on Bermuda. In April the FBS is planning to host the BeBoSa and the annual general assembly in Willingen. In autumn Demcon is planned to take place in Stockholm which will also host the annual general assembly of the IACDS. At these events and other occasions, I hope to meet you personally again and find some time for a personal exchange.

Before I will wish you a good start into the New Year, good business and above all, to stay healthy, I would like to bring the latest breaking news to you: Ikea has stopped the production and distribution of its catalogue. Many millions of Swedish pine trees say ‘thank you’ as do we all.

I hope to see you soon!

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