Published 21/4, 2020 at 11:12

First of all, I hope that you and your families are all well, far from the reach of the Corona virus which is doing so much damage.

Without a doubt we are at one of those moments that can lead to a change in our behaviour and the ways in which we do things. However, I think that we should not miss the opportunity to learn lessons from this terrible ordeal.

For me, the first thing that has become obvious is that we all need each other. We are all elements of a mechanism in which each and every one of us is essential, because the failure of one can lead to the collapse of the entire system. The so called ‘butterfly effect’ of chaos theory has exploded in our faces: someone eats a wild animal, it does not matter where in the world and the whole of humanity is under threat from the effects of a pandemic. The final consequences of which we still do not know, although what we do know is that they are already tremendously painful and, for many, irreparable.

As a result, when we restart our activities normally, we will most likely have to address how to make our work centres not become new sources of contagion by adopting appropriate safety and protection measures for workers and the job site itself. Recently, with a few weeks between one thing and another, I had the opportunity to be present as president of EDA at meetings of the associations of demolition companies of Russia and of the United States. I have found that both countries, which for my generation represented two contrasting and antagonistic confronting worlds, are in fact, in terms of the people who live in each country, much more alike, if not the same, than we usually think.

In both cases I have met with noble and hard-working people, interested in improving their activities, sharing experiences, learning from both their own and others' successes and mistakes and, ultimately, to make their world a better place to  live and work. They think not only of themselves, but also of those who are affected by their activities.

That is essentially what I want to share with you right now. We are all one people and it is our duty to do everything in our power so that each day is better and more hopeful than the previous one. I trust that we will all see each other again as soon as we have the chance.


About EDA

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