Words from the EDA President: Starting a new year with confidence

Published 30/12, 2020 at 08:49

2021 is a new chapter, full of challenges and opportunities that we all, after a 2020 more complex than expected, are set to face.

And that, of course, includes the demolition industry, which in 2020 proved to be a strong and safe industry, able to overcome complex situations. That included what we are currently experiencing, using sufficient resources to deal with the unexpected. This is shown by our European Demolition Industry Report 2020, which has just been published. 

Despite the circumstances, which have not been particularly favourable, the study shows that the forecasts for 2020 in the sector are generally stable, with a small reduction when compared to the previous year. All in all a very positive figure when we consider the complex problems faced during the year. This shows the strength of our industry, as does the data on temporary closures of companies. Practically half of European companies did not close during the most difficult months of the pandemic, with 72% of the projects already planned having either gone ahead in 2020 or have been rescheduled for later.

Another figure to consider, which speaks of the strength of the sector, is the investment forecast. 77% of the participants in the study state that their investment in machinery, equipment and consumables will remain stable or increase. Of these, 25% say that this investment will grow by more than 15%. This gives us confidence for the new year, in which we will face new challenges, but with the knowledge that we can do it successfully. The EDA Industry Report 2020 shows that we have sound foundations on which to build, with enthusiasm, as we enter the New Year.

2020 has indeed been an exceptional year, but one that has enabled us to study the demolition sector in greater depth than ever before. The industry has not stopped working on projects, but has also spent time on training, working in groups and attending interactive events that have kept us together and have helped us to broaden our vision. All this, as usual, has been included in the EDA Yearbook 2020. 

The latter publication, together with the already mentioned EDA Industry Report 2020, is the definitive summary of the last 12 months and is also an essential guide for the coming year. It presents a combination of perspectives that shows how we will continue growing and enable us to enter 2021 with the confidence that has been generated from our efforts and our work. 

We invite you to visit www.europeandemolition.org/yearbook and www.europeandemolition.org/industry-report and take a look at both publications.


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