Words from the EDA President: Let’s talk about the circular economy

Published 8/7, 2021 at 17:13

The circular economy is one of the topics of the moment in construction and, of course, demolition, as we are becoming more and more aware of the importance of reusing materials and recycling what we have already used.

We have a responsibility to the planet and to society, and it is our duty to care for both and carry out our activities in the most respectful ways possible.

The European Demolition Association, EDA, is aware of the importance of sharing knowledge about a relatively new subject such as the circular economy, as well as the need to establish guidelines in this regard. Therefore, we are about to launch a reference publication. The ‘Guide about construction and the circular economy’ aims to provide an overview of the topic from the perspective of DDR (demolition, decontamination and recycling) professionals. In other words, it is intended to be a reference document that, probably, and taking into account the subject on which it focuses, will become a living document over the years.

This guide, which will be launched in September of this year, has arisen from the progress of the circular economy working group, created by the association itself. The working group was formed by different professionals from the demolition, decontamination and recycling industries, and has enabled the participants to share knowledge and experiences, facilitating mutual growth and understanding.

Another example of the importance that EDA attaches to the issue of the circular economy can be found in the online training that we have developed and implemented. Recently, we held a webinar focused on the circular economy, in which the legislation and the current situation in Denmark with respect to this topic were presented. As expected considering the importance of this subject, it has been one of the most successful webinars held by the association, with the attendance of numerous industry professionals from all over Europe.

It is time to talk about the circular economy, as it's a conversation that can't be delayed any longer. We are aware of it, and warmly invite you to join us.


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