Words from the EDA President: Join us at the EDA ‘Think Tank 2022’

Published 3/10, 2022 at 10:21

The European Demolition Association is the trade organisation that brings together the stakeholders related to demolition, decontamination and recycling activities in Europe.

Among our members, there are national associations, contractors, manufacturers, and engineering and consulting companies from many countries in the world. On behalf of the European Demolition Association, I would like to invite you to join us in the EDA Think Tank 2022 to discuss end of life of industrial facilities.

To meet and see each other, even online, talk about the sector and present the new guide, ‘End of Life of Industrial Facilities’, we have organised the EDA 2022 Think Tank. The EDA Think Tank 2022 will take place on 5 October and this year it will be a virtual event under the title ‘End of Life of Industrial Facilities’ and will be organised by the European Demolition Association in collaboration with the European Decontamination Institute.

The schedule will be in the morning, from 09:30 to 11:45 (CEST/GMT+2), with the  aim being to foster direct communication between stakeholders to discuss and share experiences, common challenges, risks, and possible solutions when planning and preparing for the decommissioning of an industrial facility.  It will also serve to officially present the technical guide on this topic, aimed at facility owners (chemical, oil and gas, nuclear, etc.).

The event will be divided into two sessions. The first session will focus on the end of life and the second session will address the issue of during and after end of life. Throughout the day there will be table discussions with contractors, engineering firms, and asset owners, as well as a question and answer session for attendees.

After the great achievements of previous editions, we are confident that this event will be of interest to professionals in the demolition industry. If you are interested, then please save the date. You can register through the EDA’s website: www.europeandemolition.org/thinktank/


About EDA

The EDA was founded in 1978 and is the leading platform for national demolition associations, demolition contractors and suppliers. The EDA has a strong focus on developments in Europe, which are of interest to the demolition industry.


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