Words from the EDA President: An unbeatable scenario

Published 11/3, 2022 at 08:35

With this expression, we could talk about many things. We could talk about the opportunities that exist today in the DDR sector, which is constantly evolving and in which innovation plays an increasingly important and predominant role.

Or we could also talk about the many doors that digitalisation opens, in our field and beyond.  But in fact, I would like to speak of the scenario in an almost literal sense, since I am not referring to the theatre stage, but to a magnificent location where a long awaited event will take place.

These have not been easy years, without being able to meet, without being able to share experiences as we were used to. That's why the EDA Annual Convention 2022 will be more special than ever. After all, we have been working on it all this time, with the excitement of a child travelling for the first time and discovering new things. We will meet again with familiar faces, we will enjoy technical and informative conferences on topics that touch us every day, and we will build ties and relationships with those who share our profession and reality in different corners of Europe. But we will also experience something different, something new.

The EDA Annual Convention 2022 will take place in an unbeatable setting: Paris. And one of its highlights has a lot to do with movie sets….because... we have rented the Eiffel Tower! For those who wish to join us for a relaxed, entertaining and exclusive gala dinner which will take place in the Gustave Eiffel Hall, on the first floor of the emblematic monument.

There, with movie like views and the company we miss so much, we will meet again. We are waiting for you, with open arms, and with the certainty that you will not forget a dinner like this one, in such a magical place as the Eiffel Tower and surrounded by colleagues from all over the continent and beyond.


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