Words from the EDA President: A welcome letter to the new EDA era

Published 19/4, 2022 at 13:39

My days as the EDA president are coming to an end and, even though it deeply saddens me, I look back and see a presidency full of opportunities and merry moments.

A presidency in which we faced the uncertainty that the pandemic brought into our lives. It was a time of growth and innovation when we learned how to implement the new technologies into our homes and workplaces.

Slowly, it seems that we are coming back to our lives as they were just before the virus, and I cannot help but think of the journey that we went through. If this pandemic taught us something it surely is that we have so much strength and determination to confront any problems that may arise. Because of this, I could define this presidency as bittersweet, with its ups and downs, as it was not exactly what I or anyone expected when I was nominated back in 2018.

However, I reflect with great hope on what is coming to EDA and my colleagues: a new era in which we will implement all we discovered and, at the same time, enjoy the so-called “new” normality. All this by the hand of the new president, my friend and colleague Stefano Panseri, who I am sure will lead the association to prosperity and progress.

And I could not think of a better way to conclude my presidency than celebrating it surrounded by my dear colleagues at the EDA Annual Convention. This will be a delightful encounter where we will, at last, celebrate together in our industry’s classic event. If you want to join me in this memorable event, I will be more than glad to meet you in Paris.

The Annual Convention will be the perfect closure to my days as a president and the warmest welcome to Stefano, to whom I wish the best in this new chapter of both his life and the association’s history.

The future is here, EDA, and I cannot wait to witness what times coming hold for you. I foresee great success.


About EDA

The EDA was founded in 1978 and is the leading platform for national demolition associations, demolition contractors and suppliers. The EDA has a strong focus on developments in Europe, which are of interest to the demolition industry.


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