When will we see battery driven floor grinders?

Published 19/12, 2022 at 16:27

There weren’t so many new products introduced at bauma this year but there were a number of new models for grinding, polishing and cleaning surfaces.

Every year we publish our special feature on new concrete floor grinding and polishing equipment in PDi 5. With the bauma show just a few weeks ago, one could expect that there would be more new developments on the market introduced at bauma. But in general, the flow of new products was quite low at this year’s show. But in this feature we are able to introduce some of the latest from manufacturers. With a big focus on battery power, one could expect to find some new battery driven floor grinders launched at bauma, but perhaps the industry is not ready for that yet with the current battery technology unable to provide that power.


News from Airtec

Swiss manufacturer Airtec introduced two new products. First out is the new diamond drum concrete shaver ‘Shave Master SM-320’. The new shaver is equipped with a switch box with an on/off button, emergency stop and a control for the supply voltage. It has a speed control for power forward and reverse and has a variable drive speed between 0-4m/min to 5m/min. It is equipped with a single level for drum engage quick lift. The cutting depth can be micro depth measured for fine tuning of the depth of the diamond drum. It is said to have a unique wheel transmission and drive for on spot U-turns. The hydrostatic drive unit is completely sealed and the machine has a full safety operating unit with a security switch. The shaver has a built in vacuum connection for a close to dust free operation.

The second development is the BS-270 floor grinder for the removal of coatings, glue and adhesives. It is also suitable for cleaning dirty surfaces, built up concrete, asphalt or wood panels. It has also been developed for abrading latex, mastics, sealers and adhesives as well as smoothing rough concrete surfaces and rain marks. Airtec states that it is ideal for levelling high spots on concrete floors. It also has a unique floating system for particularly difficult jobs. It is easy to transport thanks to its light weight and compactness. It is sturdy and has a heavy gauge steel construction. It is equipped with a vacuum cleaner port for dust free operations. The handle may be elevated and the machine has a detachable dust shroud for easy grinding of wall edges or vertical surfaces. The machine’s working width is 270mm and the speed is 1,500rpm and it weighs 57kg. As an option it can be equipped with speed regulation.

The BS-270 is equipped with the unique and patented Airtec ‘Flipair’ system. This system causes a suction effect during the grinding process due to the rotation of the tool plate. The suction effect generated significantly increases the air flow and at the same time the fine dust is directly captured from the diamond tools and the grinding surface. The increased flow orientates the dust exhaust air towards the industrial vacuum cleaner, prevents overheating of the diamond tools and at the same time reduces frictional heat. Thanks to the clean, dust free floor surface, the diamond tools produce a better sanding performance with a longer service life. The significantly increased exhaust air also prevents the dust particles from escaping sideways. The innovative and sustainable dust solution also ensures greatly improved air quality for the user and the surroundings. The Flipair assistance system is part of Airtec ‘Dust-Away’ technology line. BSs-270 is available with or without the Flipair system.



Dynaset ‘SCU’ surface cleaning unit

Dynaset is getting in to the surface cleaning sector by launching the Dynaset SCU surface cleaning unit. The SCU attachment cleans parking garages and other large areas with flat surfaces. The unit washes the surface with high pressure water and the vacuum collects the dirty water for recycling. The unit leaves a clean and dry surface behind without making any mess to the surroundings. Users are said to able to clean up to 60,000m2 per day. The unit is safe to use due to a splash cover and is able to easily can clean around cars, windows or any objects without any fear of dirtying or damaging them. The unit’s vacuum can collect over 90% of the washing water. Additionally, it is possible to use the unit to collect, for example, rain water from surfaces. The unit makes surface cleaning extremely efficient, with optimal washing results even at 5km/h. The attachment is said to be ideal for cleaning parking garages, car parks, terminal areas, large factory floors, paved market areas, boulevards, logistic areas, paths and pavements, mall surroundings, storage areas, large indoor areas, tradeshow areas, etc.

The unit has a maximum operating speed of 5km/h. The water pump’s output is 50l/min, maximum water pressure is 220bar and the working width of the unit is 150cm (whilst weighing in at 720kg).

The water tank has a capacity of 540l/min, the vacuum  is 8kPa and the airflow is 3.4m3/s.



New surface products from Husqvarna

Husqvarna Construction has launched the first wave of its rebranded Blastrac and Diamatic surface preparation product range. Since 8 June, the fully integrated offering, including floor scrapers, scarifiers and floor grinders, is available to order in all key markets.

The acquisition of Blastrac was completed in January last year and it was late in 2021 that Husqvarna Construction publicly announced its intention to further consolidate brands in the surface preparation segment with a supporting campaign labelled, ‘The Orange Evolution2’. “We have showcased our rebranded product range at multiple trade shows, it has been very well received and we are really happy to announce that we are now ready to start delivering to our broad range of customers in the surface preparation industry,” says Stijn Verherstraeten, senior vice president Concrete Surfaces & Floors, Husqvarna Construction.

The additional offering has considerably enhanced the existing Husqvarna surface preparation portfolio by bringing advanced shot blasting, scraping and scarifying solutions to Husqvarna customers and partners. In turn, Blastrac customers and partners now have access to adjacent products such as compactors, concrete placement equipment, sawing and drilling equipment as well as demolition robots and a wide (digital) service offering. “We are extremely proud to provide our customers with what is most likely the best and broadest surface preparation range in the industry and all of this under one strong brand,” says Stijn Verherstraeten. With this first wave of rebranded Blastrac and Diamatic products, Husqvarna has further shaped and complemented its offering for floor grinding, scarifying and scraping.

At bauma 2022, Husqvarna Construction showcased some of the products that will be part of the second wave, targeted for introduction in spring 2023. This will include shot and steel blasting solutions and associated dust extractors. Steel shot blasting goes broader than just construction and is a cost effective and efficient solution for paint removal and surface remediation in applications such as windmills, ship decks and petrochemical storage vessels. Until 2023, these products will continue to be available under the Blastrac brand. Along with the extended surface preparation offering, Husqvarna Construction featured its new high capacity ride on grinder, BMG 1500. With a working width of 1,500mm, it has been designed for large scale grinding projects, where high performance and time efficiency is of the essence. The grinder has an ergonomic design and is easy to operate using joysticks, push buttons and a touchscreen.



New radio controlled grinder from Klindex

The new ‘Expander 1000’ from Klindex has been designed to grind on wide surfaces remotely. The radio controlled floor grinder is fully automatic and features six counter rotating heads, variable speed and adjustable work pressure. The model features autopilot technology and a gear box with thermos hardened steel gears. It comes with traction batteries, and features automatic tilting for an easier tool change. Other features include an automated tool change system (the head rotates 90° allowing the operator to change the tools without having to lift the grinding machine); adjustable work pressure from 500kg to 1,350kg and a metal gear system within the ‘Planetario’ head without a belt drive. The 380v-480v model weighs 1,347 kg with dimensions of 170mm x 150mm x 105mm.


Scanmaskin launches new model in ‘Move Edition’ line

The Swedish manufacturer launched a new model to its ‘World Series’ Move Edition line at bauma, the Scanmaskin 28, which has a 700mm grinding width. Previously the company introduced the Scanmaskin 32 with the Move Edition being Scanmaskin’s most ergonomic floor grinders. This is a further development of the World Series line which features a robust cast planetary with what the company says is unmatched durability. The simplistic design allows for easy and quick repairs on common service items, enabling fast movement.  The Move Edition features a new handle with two adjustment points and 360o degrees of rotation on the hand grip. This also enables a good hip support along with high and low positions to accommodate any operator. The new motor also is said to weigh less without compromising performance. The detachable new front wheel also reduces weight when removed and provides improved ground clearance and makes it easier to move. The company has updated the wheels to ergo solid wheels with a larger diameter which provide up to 40% less resistance when moving the machine. The goal with the new Move Edition grinders was to make contractors’ workday easier and less strenuous, without compromising performance.



News from Superabrasive

The Bulgarian-American manufacturer Superabrasive used bauma to introduce its latest developments. The new additions to the ‘Lavina’ line at bauma included the updated single head grinder L14EU and slurry vacuum V16EU. L14EU is a compact and versatile 335mm grinder that can grind and polish edges and small areas. It is single phase, 200v-240v model, with a 2.2 kW motor and variable speed. It weighs 63kg and can be separated in two pieces for easy transportation and storage. The V16EU is a dry and wet vacuum, providing strong suction to complete a variety of clean up tasks on the job site. It features a stainless steel body with a 50l tank, automatic overfill shutoff, and washable hydrophobic filter. An optional slurry squeegee is available for vacuuming liquid and slurry.



Tyrolit focuses area floor grinding

As PDi mentioned in the special bauma issue Tyrolit is working on a complete in-house product range for floor grinding. Thus several innovations with this focus area were presented at bauma. In the future, customers will be able to choose from a wide range of coordinated floor grinding products. In addition to classic floor grinders and corresponding tools, the assortment will also include chemicals, various machines for removing surfaces and coatings, special vacuum cleaners and polishing tools. The offering at bauma included newly developed floor grinding machines such as the FGE515 and FGE280 floor grinders for floor preparation and polishing, as well as a range of brand new metal bond floor grinding shoes. Tyrolit also released the stoft extractor VCE1200.



VonArx introduces large concrete shaver DTF35

VonArx, founded in 1941 and now a leading global market player in surface preparation equipment launched a large concrete shaver at bauma 2022. In 1989 the first shaver, DTF25, was launched and has become very popular in the global market. The new DTF35 has been developed following customer requests and demand for a machine that can cut deeper and faster. The DTF35 comes in two versions in 400v, 15kW and 22kW. The 15kWversion can be supplied by a 32amp connection and the 22kW with 63amp. In addition, there is a U.S version in 25kW 480v power. The shaver can cut up to 2.5cm deep and 35cm wide. When cutting only 5mm to 6mm, the shaft can be fully utilised for a 40cm cutting width. The hydraulic drive system has been designed to secure durability in dusty and wet environments. Two series of diamond blades are available: the ‘Blue’ series for regular/medium concrete and the ‘Yellow’ series for hard concrete. Different blade set up configurations are possible and for a 35cm cutting width a 98pcs blade set up with 2mm spacers can be offered, which is designed to provide a very smooth structure of the surface.  VonArx has for some time been manufacturing in Bulgaria.


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