What a waste

Published 19/12, 2022 at 16:31

C&D waste contributes to over 600Mt of waste each year. If all this waste were put into trucks, it would circle the world three times. As can be seen, C&D waste is an enormous problem that needs to be reduced without reducing the tonnage.

Recycling provides a simple solution but this is much easier said than done. Recycling even the most recyclable material can be costly and laborious. At times it may require specialised equipment or cost more than simply disposing of it. MB Crusher is well aware of these obstacles and has aimed to make a difference in recycling/upcycling reusable material. As so, the company has dedicated its approach to building attachments that can help tackle these obstacles with units that can create new materials out of existing reusable materials.

For example, one customer in the US, a large concrete manufacturer, needed a solution to handle its ever growing waste concrete stockpile. The company knew there was money to be made in recycling the waste concrete but only wanted to invest a manageable amount of money in new machinery. It turned to MB Crusher for the solution, purchasing a BF135.8 crusher bucket which rapidly began to eat away at the stockpile by crushing it directly on site. The customer not only kept many tons of concrete waste out of landfills but also turned the now recycled material into a new revenue stream.

Concrete in itself may not be the most challenging material to recycle, but reinforced concrete can be more problematic. It involves double the materials that can be recycled but the obstacle of doing so also doubled, as reinforced concrete can create a many problems when recycling, let alone separating, unless the right tools are available. A customer purchased a BF90.4 crusher bucket which was used to process reinforced concrete by crushing the concrete off of the rebar and then separating them, simply and quickly, and only using the excavator already owned.

Other challenging building materials include bricks that are recyclable, but require extensive processing. Similar to the example above, brick recycling can be easily accomplished with the right tool. An MB Crusher customer purchased a BF120.4 crusher bucket turning the company’s excavator into a recycling centre, crushing the stockpile of bricks directly on site.

MB crusher offers a variety of attachments that can help its customer base overcome the obstacles of repurposing C&D waste. The company focuses on creating viable, cost effective, and, most importantly, simple solutions. It does this by making sure the attachments work on its customers' job sites with the heavy machines they already own.

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