Vemcon integrates Lekatech attachment app into its ‘CoPilot’ platform

Published 3/1, 2023 at 14:28

The Vemcon CoPilot platform system ensures productivity, transparency and efficiency for optimal collaboration of man, machine and material.

The Vemcon CoPilot has been developed to support the operator in difficult work processes, providing mental and physical relief. Additionally, an inexperienced operator is said to be able to work faster, safer and more precisely by using the platform, which automates and optimises recurring machine movements.

Excavator operators, contractors and OEMs who control their fleet via the Vemcon CoPilot platform will have access to operating modes for Lekatech's electric tools with the platform providing one application to control their mining and construction attachment via just one display. In addition, the app allows users to combine different frequency and energy settings for the electric hammer. At the same time, the user monitors data coming from the electric hammer at a glance.

The app can be used to collect the hammer’s operating hours. It has also various safety functions and warnings, such as the hammer stopping automatically in the event of a fault. Vemcon founder and CEO Jan Rotard says of the platform: “Our CoPilot system sends all data to the respective fleet management system used by the contractor when required. In doing so, all components can be individually combined with each other by the user at any time and expanded almost indefinitely.”

Lekatech Oy was founded 2018 in Kausala, Finland. Lekatech's mission is to revolutionise hammer and other attachment technology. The Finnish start-up firmly believes that direct electric drive is the future in hammer technology. Vemcon GmbH is a development and manufacturing company of machine control for work machines. Its CoPilot system is a modular technology platform that offers several functions which are available for excavators markets. With the integration of the Lekatech app into the Vemcon platform, users can now select different application modes.


IoT meets heavy machinery

Vemcon rethinks machine controls and simplifies processes on construction sites as well as in the execution of construction projects through digital solutions. Founded in 2012 by Jan Rotard and Julian Profanter, Vemcon aims to solve the fundamental challenges of its customers. For example, its solutions aim to reduce costs on construction sites, optimise work processes and in this way counteract the shortage of skilled workers. Vemcon also offers manufacturers uncomplicated new sources of revenue. Around 20,000 machines worldwide are equipped with Vemcon technology. Customers of the Munich based company, which has around 50 employees, include Kiesel, Kinshofer, MTS and Sennebogen.

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