Two strong brands join forces

Published 21/11, 2019 at 15:04

OilQuick and Engcon are two internationally recognised strong brands. OilQuick is a manufacturer of fully automatic quick coupler systems and Engcon manufactures tiltrotators and accessories for excavators. Recently the two companies have strengthened their cooperation.

“The companies have had a close collaboration for some time, but we have now chosen to deepen it further. One can either behave like our competitors, make the decision to copy products, or one can be like us and collaborate in order to achieve success,” says Henrik Sonerud, CEO of OilQuick AB. “Engcon and OilQuick complement each other and we are convinced that we will help each other to strengthen our leading positions both as regards full automatic quick couplers and tiltrotators,” comments Stig Engström, owner and founder of Engcon AB.


OilQuick expands its tiltrotator model range

Through the collaboration with Engcon, OilQuick will increase the number of makes of tiltrotator it can connect. With this new collaboration, OilQuick will be able to offer tiltrotators with OQ couplers together with Engcon's tiltrotator. The series will be branded in OilQuick's grey colour scheme and sold under OilQuick's trademark and name. The products will be marked ‘Engcon Inside’ to clarify their origin. Henrik does state however, “It is important to point out that it will still be possible to get tiltrotator models from other manufacturers.”

“We absolutely want to flag up Engcon's name. It is something that guarantees quality and we naturally want to benefit from that. It is a clear sales argument and quality has always been a priority for us at OilQuick,” says Johan Lindqvist, sales manager at OilQuick AB. Johan continues: “One of Sweden's largest dealers in tiltrotators commented on the collaboration: Finally, the best of both worlds, now we can sell exactly what the end customers have been asking for – a top quality coupler and a top quality rotor body.” Both OilQuick and Engcon will greatly benefit from the collaboration, primarily helping each other to grow in different geographic markets. Engcon is very strong in the Nordic area and OilQuick naturally sees an opportunity to sell large volumes of tiltrotators with OilQuick technology. 


Great potential for growth in German speaking countries

OilQuick strongest market is the German speaking countries, with over 3,500 OilQuick quick couplers being supplied there last year alone. This highlights the potential for Engcon's tiltrotators in the coming years, as Engcon has worked to increase sales in Germany and the rest of Europe for some time. There has been intensive collaboration between OilQuick Deutschland's CEO Franz Schauer and Engcon Germany's CEO Martin Engström (son of Stig Engström) to develop a customer adapted tiltrotator programme, which has been developed to meet customer's demands. The most common tiltrotator sizes equipped with the OilQuick OQ65 and OQ70/55 models are already available for delivery.

OilQuick Deutschland will be moving into newly built modern premises in Steindorf at the beginning of next year. This will serve ‘as a centre of excellence’ for further collaboration within development, production and service. The new premises will also contain an automated replacement parts store for quick replacement parts supply. With the improved resources dealers and customers in German speaking countries will be provided with increased levels of support and service.


Model availability

The agreement between the two companies will see all models being available in all countries where OilQuick has a sales presence. These will include all Engcon's models for excavators from 1.5t up to 33t, matching initially OilQuick models in the 14t – 19t range. The tiltrotators will be named OQTR-E and are expected to be ready for delivery in Q1 / Q2 2020 depending on the specific model. “This collaboration will shorten our delivery times significantly. Previously, the delivery times for our tiltrotators were too long. With Engcon's production line and our own added value, we have both shorter delivery times and more attractive price levels,” says Johan.

“We also have better aftermarket service for the tiltrotators than previously. This is an important part of the collaboration and something that we hear from our customers all the time. Warranty, service and replacement parts management are vital parts of business these days. All new features and updates will be announced first on social media, so follow OilQuick on Instagram and Facebook to be kept up to date with all the latest news,” concludes Johan.

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