Tuytel Group continues to rely on Lindner mobile shredding technology

Published 2/12, 2020 at 14:31

When it comes to hiring first class machines, Oud-Alblas in the Netherlands, about 25km from Rotterdam, is said to be a good place to visit.

That’s where the Tuytel Group is based and where it has been renting out heavy construction machinery and offering transport solutions as well as recycling machines in the Netherlands and all across Europe since 1999. For processing waste wood, the company relies on Lindner‘s robust solutions, supplied and supported by Dutch sales partner Van der Spek Vianen B.V.

At the beginning of 2020, a solution consisting of the ‘Urraco’ 95DK shredder and a ‘Zeta Star’ 95DK star screen were added to the fleet of the Urraco 75 series. “As a heavy equipment rental company we focus specifically on premium machines from top European brands. We have to offer our clients solutions with maximum reliability and the lowest possible maintenance costs,” explains Jan Arie van der Meijden, responsible for Tuytel Group’s recycling division. He adds: “When purchasing a new waste wood processing solution, we looked at different technical equipment on the market. In the end we came back to Lindner. Our experiences with our two Urracos have been fantastic, but the sturdy welded cutting system and the exact output size were the deciding factors. With a throughput of approximately 65t/h, the shredding unit endures high loads. We do not want our customers to have to retighten or even replace the knives every 80h. The Urraco 95DK shredder easily operates 600h to 700h without intervention and does so with a clean output and no great anomalies.”

Tuytel processes waste wood of the Dutch grades A, B and C, but mainly category B waste wood, i.e. waste wood that is not contaminated by wood preservatives or organohalogen substances. The company offers its customers the Urraco 95DK as a single step processing solution for particle sizes of 0-180mm. The machine is equipped with Lindner’s patented ‘LW’ cutting system, which was specifically developed for waste wood processing. Furthermore, by using Lindner’s Zeta Star 95DK star screen, finer fractions can be produced up to a particle size of P100 according to ISO standard 17225-1. As we as a hire option, Tuytel also provides the facility of renting the machines with an operator. 

The majority of the processed waste wood is shipped and ultimately used for energy recovery. “In addition to the precisely defined output, it is extremely important to our clients that the rented solution can also be operated at high productivity. That’s where our Lindner machines give us a crucial advantage with their ease of operation and very long maintenance intervals. This means the operator can focus on feeding the machine and the shredder takes care of the rest,” summarises van der Meijden.


About the Tuytel Group

Tuytel is an international rental and trading company supplying a variety of first class heavy construction machinery. The company rents, sells, services, maintains and distributes numerous premium brands. Its knowledge and expertise enables Tuytel to support companies across Europe, advising them on the best solutions for different applications. Lindner is a family business  and has been offering innovative, tried and tested shredding solutions for decades. From planning, development, design and production to service, everything comes from a single source. At its production facilities in Spittal/Drau and Feistritz/Drau in Austria, Lindner manufactures machines and system components that are exported to almost 100 countries. In addition to stationary and mobile shredders for waste processing, the portfolio also includes complete systems for plastic recycling, SRF and waste wood processing. The shredders can be used, for among other things, MSW, C&I waste, waste wood, plastics, packaging material, paper and light scrap.


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