Tracimat latest member of the European Demolition Association

Published 2/12, 2020 at 13:58

Tracimate VZW is a demolition management organisation and initiative of the Flemish Construction Confederation (VCB), the Confederation of Contractors of Demolition and Dismantling Works (CASO), the Federation of Producers of Recycling Granules (FPRG) and the Organisation of Consulting Engineers and Consultancy Firms (ORI).

It certifies the selective demolition process and uses an elaborated traceability system to check what happens to the waste substances released during demolition and demolition works.

A strong chain integration is paramount here to help ensure the environmental risks during demolition and demolition works are limited, the spread of hazardous waste to the environment is avoided and purer waste streams are released that enable higher quality recycling. Tracimat’s main activities therefore are assessing the pre-demolition audit and delivering the declaration of conformity, delivery of a processing permit and selective demolition certificate, training and advice.

In order to accomplish its goals, Tracimat has developed an application online tool which allows interested parties, such as contractors and building owners, to input materials identified in a building with its estimated quantities. The creating of a database that holds information about available quantities of various recyclable materials is of great value for investors to base decisions on what technologies to invest in and/or will help in dimensioning new recycling plants. Thus the database will enhance and stimulate the circular economy, with the new demolition management organisation offering an opportunity to facilitate the transition to circular earning models within the construction sector.

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