TopTec has the right machine for every application

Published 30/12, 2020 at 09:04

PDi Magazine recently had a chat with the founder and president of TopTec Spezialmaschinen GmbH that revealed some new features of the company’s remote controlled demolition robots.

“When nuclear power plants and nuclear technical facilities are demolished, we speak of constructive dismantling today. Conventional demolition technology cannot simply demolish the contaminated buildings and facilities,” says Olaf Dörfler, president of the German manufacturer of demolition robots TopTec Spezialmaschinen GmbH. Since the radiation intensity and the associated ‘man-dose’ rate is very high in most cases, demolition robots are used that can withstand prolonged use in the radiated area. Reliability and robustness are particularly important, with TopTec Spezialmaschinen GmbH manufacturing exactly this kind of remotely operated robot.

During the Corona shut downs, TopTec used the available extra time to further develop its equipment. Full redundancy and multi stage recovery and emergency systems have always been special features of TopTec machines, whilst until now, air filters have been used to reduce possible contamination in their interior. However, the best solution against the spread of contamination would be to dispense with the flow of cooling air, with this being exactly what the TopTec developers have achieved. The surface of the entire machine body now works as a cooling medium. All conventional jobs within a contaminated area no longer require cooling air sent through the machine with the machines remaining ‘clean’ inside the housing without any cooling air openings. 

In addition, the main arms are designed with inside routed hydraulic hoses which provide the best available protection in the nuclear field. New protective shields made of tungsten and remote controls with integrated video transmission round off the latest innovations. All developments are based on the company’s extensive experience in the field and are incorporated into the design of the machines, with new experiences adding to the number of possible applications.  

The TopTec machine range includes the small TopTec 1500 and the universal 1850E, with an operating weight of approximately 2.3t. Other models include the TopTec 2500E, 4500E and D, 5500 E and D, 6500 Nuclear and the TopTec 7500 (available as electric and diesel powered version). “The TopTec 7500 is currently the most powerful demolition and dismantling nuclear robot, with a standard weight of almost 8t and attachable tools up to a weight of 1,500kg. TopTec is the reliable machine for difficult and challenging tasks,” concludes Dörfler.

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