This is how EDA started

Published 26/11, 2018 at 12:52

This year is very special for EDA because it is 40 years since its foundation, which took place in
1978. At that time, the demolition industry had also evolved significantly and EDA allowed the demolition companies to keep up itself and be actors and not mere spectators of the evolution of our sector.

The European national associations that already existed in this area, such as those of the Western European countries, were the promoters of this initiative. Little by little, many others joined until the current moment in which EDA has 77 members, including companies and associations.

In those first years, I remember, with special affection, the first Secretary that EDA had: Robert Basart. His exceptional personality, his active character and his very efficient way of working meant a great boost to make the entity we are today. Those who had the pleasure of knowing him and collaborating with him, remember him with affection and sympathy. Since the first meeting that took place in Paris, much progress has been made and more and more members have been joining little by little because they have verified that together we work better. 

The second Annual EDA convention, which took place in Hamburg, gathered about a thousand people. Since that moment, I have been linked to EDA uninterruptedly. And I have had the pleasure of collaborating in different activities: speaker, treasurer, President of the International Committee of EDA and now President of the Association.

In fact, the originally family nature of the demolition companies in Europe has made possible that we could share many years of work, coinciding with up to a couple of generations of managers, even in the EDA Boards of Directors. In those last years in EDA we have worked intensely to emphasise our presence and activity in Europe with the celebration of different activities every year to gather the industry to face the new challenges. Since its beginning, EDA had held at least one conference or convention per year that has become a meeting point for all professionals in the sector in Europe. Without forgetting our cordial relations with our colleagues in the United States. We are also in permanent contact with the authorities of the European Union, in order to help each other with everything related to the regulations that affect our industry.

It is inevitable, for me, to highlight the Annual Convention in Vienna held this year, not only because its commemorated these 40 years of journey, but also because since that day I have the great responsibility of being the president of EDA. I am pretty sure that with the continuity in our work and the very effective activity of our Secretary, we will continue forward for the benefit of our industry.

Francisco Cobo Valero.
President of EDA

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