The Xcentric ‘XC5F’ crusher

Published 8/7, 2021 at 18:31

When recycling materials on site, companies often require a crusher that can be fitted to excavators, skid steers, telehandlers and backhoes. In response to this demand, Xcentric has developed the XC5F crusher to provide a balance between maximum power offered by the carrier and greater input size capacity from the crusher.

Development of the new crusher was focused on a unit that could work in a variety of conditions with flow rates of 90l/min and pressures ranging between 16MPa and 24MPa. The new crusher not only achieves this but has a material input capacity of 810mm x 360mm for efficient crushing without prior material reduction.  Furthermore, and thanks to the dynamics of the movement of the mobile jaw, the crusher supports forward and reverse operation. ‘Forward’ mode is suitable for dry material and larger material input, whilst in ‘reverse’  mode better results are achieved on wet material such as asphalt, as the jaws are kept clean. The change from either mode is immediate using the joystick of the carrier, and through a combination of the working modes, high performance in each cycle may be achieved, with a resulting crushed material output range between 0/80mm.

The crusher features a new system of dampers, thus achieving an acoustic reduction, as well as a lower vibration for the carrier. These dampers are manually adjusted without the need for any type of tool. It also features direct drive of the hydraulic motor which reduces mechanisms and is free of belts. For efficient use, the crusher requires greasing after every 8h of work in six points located in the upper part of the crusher.

As with other models, replacing the jaws is very quick and easy, as the crusher opens completely to a position for this purpose. Due to the limited closing angle of the bucket in skid steer loaders, care has been taken with the structural design. All in all the end result is a hardworking crusher that offers high levels of production.

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