The ‘wash-bear’ from Orba Group Ltd

Published 5/10, 2020 at 16:36

London head quartered, but covering the whole of the UK and Ireland, Orba Group Ltd specialises in the supply of machinery solutions for recycling, construction, demolition and waste management as well as providing bespoke solutions for these industries.

The company is also the official UK/Ireland dealer for wash-bear machinery, manufactured by Moerschen GmbH.

The processing involved in breaking materials down to RC material is part of the everyday business of the construction and material handling industry. The wash-bear has been designed to service businesses in these sectors through highly efficient technology for separating lightweight materials from building rubble. The wash-bear works according to the proven floating-sinking principle and reliably and cleanly separates light materials such as wood, artificial and insulating materials from the minerals. 

In addition to its process efficiency, which ensures almost 100% separation of contaminants and mineral fractions, the wash-bear also scores thanks to its high levels of process effectiveness.  This results from the economical handling of the resources to be used through the robust, maintenance free design of the system technology. The closed system consumes whatever water adheres to the discharged mineral meaning that in a 10h shift 4-8 m3 is used in practice.

The water used is absorbed into the basic moisture of the RC material. What comes out with regard to the chemical composition, at most, is what was discarded by the rubble in the system. The economy of the system continues with the energy expenditure, which at 8-15kW/h during operation is significantly lower than an air sieve with a similar performance. Nevertheless, the drive power is enough to start the wash-bear in full load. 

In effect, the wash-bear is a highly efficient mobile piece of equipment for separating lightweight materials from building rubble with extremely low operating and maintenance costs. There is no accruing waste water, no sediment residues and is flexible enough to provide bespoke solutions for special applications, as well as being easily integrated into existing systems meaning that manual sorting is no longer necessary.

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