The Swedish Demolition Awards 2022

Published 3/1 at 13:55

In connection with the Demcon show on 24 to 25 November this year, the Swedish Demolition Awards were also presented. The awards were instituted in 2012 by the Swedish trade magazine Professionell Demolering, with the various prize categories being awarded in collaboration with the industry organisation Byggnadsberedning. The Demolition Honorary Awards are, however, decided by the magazine's editors.

13 Crystal awards  

There are a total of 12 different award categories that are self-nominated. These consist of: Demolition Contractor of the Year, Concrete Cutting Contractor of the Year, Demolition Project of the Year, Concrete Cutting Project of the Year, Remediation Contractor of the Year, Remediation Project of the Year, Safety & Work Environment Award, Recycling & Environment Award, Hydrodemolition Award, Manufacturer/Supplier of the Year, The Big Innovation Award for manufacturers/suppliers and finally the Swedish Demolition Honorary Awards. Sometimes certain awards are not presented for a variety of reasons and this year the Recycling & Environment Award and Remediation Project of the Year were not awarded. Any nominations received in these categories will be held back to 2024 but can be read about later in this article.

The announcement of the winners and the award ceremony took place at Demcon's dinner on 24 November which was attended by around 300 people. The awards’ jury includes contractors and suppliers who have been previously active in the industry. The awards were announced by Jan Hermansson, editor in chief PDi magazine, and Roger Blomqvist from the Byggnadsberedning. The awards were presented by the current president of Byggnadsberedning, Linda Dahlin. Here follows a list of the nominees and winners of the awards.


Demolition Contractor of the Year 2022

This year's nominees were NKR Demolition Sweden, AF Härnösands Byggreturer, Destroy RC AB and Haga ROT. Haga Rot was named the winner with the award which was presented to the company's founder and owner John Thorsell. The company was chosen as since the 1990s it has invested in developing its own methodologies in demolition, drilling, cleaning and recycling, both in terms of services and an optimal machine park. The company has shown a clear sense of purpose yet maintained a strong customer focus.


Concrete Cutting Contractor of the year 2022

This year's nominees were OLB Entreprenad and Betonghåltagning in Gothenburg. Betonghåltagning in Gothenburg was named the winner and the award was received by the company's founder and co-owner Bill Dahlin. The company is a true family business specialising in hole drilling and demolition, and for 40years has contributed to lifting the entire industry's professional status in concrete hole drilling.


Demolition Project of the year 2022

This year's nominees were OLB Entreprenad, Destroy Rebuilding Company and Jansson Entreprenad, with the award going to OLB Entreprenad, which was received by the company's vice president Johan Nilsson. The company was commended for its expertise, showing the highest levels of precision in very advanced and demanding work in a sensitive environment.


Concrete Cutting Project of the year

The nominees were OLB Entreprenad and Göteborgs Betonghåltagning with award going to Gothenburgs Betonghåltagning. The award was received by Bill Dahlin who was commended for providing advanced boring services in a complex building project in Västlänken and for delivering a smart and never tried before hole punching solution.


Remediation Contractor of the year

The Remediation Contractor of the Year award was awarded after deliberation by the jury to the company Saneringsspecialisterna Sverige AB. The award was received by the company's founder and owner Igor Kecskés Maconkai. The company is one of the cleanest and most determined remediation companies in Sweden and active in industry associations and committees, both nationally and internationally. The award was presented as the company has worked hard to develop remediation methods that meet increased societal demands regarding the recycling and reuse of construction and demolition materials, as well as to putting the safety and health of employees at the forefront.


The Safety & Work Environment Award

The nominees were Husqvarna Construction Products and Linda Dahlin from Göteborgs Betonghåltagning. The winner of the award was Linda Dahlin for her work in raising awareness of work environment risks in her own company and within the industry organisation Byggnadsberedning, BFB. She was also commended for her involvement in the association's education committee as well as being BFB's first female chair.


The Swedish Hydrodemolition Award

Here, Conjet AB and Aquajet Systems had been nominated, both manufacturers of water jetting equipment, with the award won by Aquajet Systems. It was chosen ahead of its rival due to taking water technology to a new level with a high rate of development in products and equipment, especially its new Aqua Cutter 750V robot with patented Infinity Oscillation.


Manufacturer/Supplier of the Year

Brokk AB and Husqvarna Construction Products were the nominees with Husqvarna the winner. The company was commended on providing a unique and ground breaking focus on increasing the user's safety in terms of accident risks, health risks and external environmental impact.


The Big Innovation Award for manufacturers/suppliers

Husqvarna, Brokk and Steelwrist/Rototilt were the nominees with Steelwrist/Rototilt being the winner for their Open-S quick attachment. This was chosen as the development has radically improved contractors’ work and freedom of operation.


The Swedish Demolition Prize's Honorary Awards

This year, four honorary prizes were awarded. The first one went to Bill Dahlin of Betonghåltagning in Gothenburg for being a true concrete cutting professional who has dedicated his working life to concrete cutting in all its forms since the mid-1970s. The second prize was awarded posthumously to Hagby Bruk's founder Sture Håkansson, with his son Erik Håkansson accepting the award for his father. Hagby was involved in laying the foundations for professional diamond tools in the modern Swedish drilling and hole making market as early as 1960. From then on he instilled hope and determination in future family generations.

The third prize was also awarded posthumously to Jack Midhage who, among other things, founded Jack Midhage AB. The award was received by the company's former CEO Peter Logan. Jack was selected for being a great innovator since the 1950s, developing tools and products for cutting metal, concrete and other materials, as well as developing a smart method for the turnover of drill bits and blades that were sold all over the world. The final honorary award was presented to Peter Logan for being a major player in the  Swedish construction machinery and tool market, running successfully for many years one of Sweden's best known companies in its product area.


Contribution for the Recycling & Environment Award

A single nomination came in at a very late stage and could not be processed by the jury, which meant that it was decided to move this nomination to 2024. The contribution came from the company Nano Control AB and its owner Adrian José Cabezas Morales. The nomination referred to new technology for more efficient separation of micro and nanoparticles from gas flows without filters. This is achieved using its patented particle separator. The particle separators are used for air purification or cleaning of various environments from dust, soot or the like.

Unlike existing products on the market, Nano Control's products do not contain filters that need to be replaced or cleaned, therefore enabling a cleaner environment in a much more user friendly and cost effective way. Nano Control's particle separator also takes care of all particles, everything from coarse particles to the very smallest so called nanoparticles, which are very difficult to handle with existing technology. Although there are filters available that take care of nanoparticles, they however clog very quickly and the performance specified for these filters only apply initially.

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