The road back is crooked

Published 19/12, 2022 at 15:44

Soon another year will have passed and the world is still in a state that we can hardly really recognise from before. The world is on the way back to recovery though, but the road back is not exactly straight, as the pandemic has left large parts of the world behind to some extent.

The situation nowadays is manageable thanks to the vaccine, but the war in Ukraine is still ongoing and no one knows for how long it will go on for. This has created great concern around the world, not least regarding the global economy.

Accelerated by the war and the energy crisis it created, the economy of many countries has been transformed and we are struggling with high inflation. Due to the world's economies being much more interconnected than before, any effects in one market spread more rapidly than previously. A global crisis can flare up in just a few weeks and then just as quickly turn into an upswing. So the situation we are in right now may very well look completely different in a few months, it may have worsened or improved.

There is no doubt that our world economy has changed due to the pandemic and the war. A clear example was the mega fair bauma, which was held in Munich in October. Although our industry has started to meet again and more and more trade shows are being held, there is still a sense of restraint. We love getting together again, but many have realised that we may not necessarily need to meet in the same way and to the same extent as before the pandemic. bauma was a well-received reunion for many and the attendance was still high. But both the number of exhibitors and visitors decreased by between 15% and 20%.

Although bauma is truly a global trade show compared to many other trade shows that claim to be global, those who had to travel long distances to attend bauma were noticeably fewer than at previous shows. Many of the visitors from Asia chose to stay at home and also those from North and South America etc. However, visitors from across Europe were well represented, perhaps to an even a greater extent than before. In this issue you will find the first report on bauma and its outcomes. However, the scope is so large that we have chosen to split the review into two issues of PDi, this issue and in issue 6-2022, which will be published at the turn of the year.

You will also find a number of other interesting articles in this issue. In connection with bauma, IACDS held its annual meeting and handed out its Diamond Awards 2022. It also took the opportunity to elect a new president in Douglas Walker from the American contractor Walker Cutting Services, who has for many years been active within the American industry organisation CSDA. In this issue you can read his first editorial column. We also report on all the nominees and winners of the IACDS Diamond Awards. Other interesting articles include features on new machines and tools for grinding and polishing concrete floors, new floor and road saws as well as a report on the Nordic demolition trade show Demcon. Added to these are a series of news articles and worksite reports.

Jan Hermansson

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