The new Kito RX wire rope hoist

Published 3/10, 2022 at 10:49

Kito Europe establishes a new product category with the new Kito RX. In addition to electric and manual chain hoists, the Japanese high-tech manufacturer now also offers an electric wire rope hoist.

According to Kito, the new Kito RX can be flexibly configured, is powerful in every version, and is so simple to handle that maintenance can be taken over by the operating company or a local service company.

The new Kito RX wire rope hoist is suitable as a lifting solution for loads of up to 50t (if two 50t hoists are assembled on one trolley, loads of up to 100t can be transported). The wire rope hoist can be used on crane systems with a variety of applications, and in a variety of industries. The Kito RX is a standard hoist that can be modularly assembled into an exclusive hoist. Due to its strong frame, different variants can be built using the basic hoist: The Kito RX can have a standing, a pendent or a lateral suspension on the trolley frame. Both interior and exterior of the Kito RX is designed for durability and features planetary gears with a linear and enclosed drive concept, motors with thermal monitoring and disc brakes made in Germany.

Features such as gear limit switches, weighing cells, load display, automatic load summation, remaining life time recording, anti sway control, radio control or external auxiliary ventilation for the hoist motor can be added as options. Customized special designs are also possible.

The electrical equipment of the Kito RX wire rope hoist is designed without encryption to be user-friendly. The electrical equipment, including overload protection, can be programmed by any electronics expert, according to Kito. The customer decides who takes care of the set-up and commissioning of the new electric wire rope hoist, without having to pay extra for trained staff from the manufacturer. In addition, the Kito RX consists of accessible modules, so that all components can be inspected and maintained inhouse by service or operating personnel.

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