Swedish BFB leaving IACDS and EDA

Published 19/4, 2022 at 09:13

The Swedish branch association BFB (Branschorganisationen för Byggnadsberedning), which is a joint association for Sweden’s sawing and drilling, demolition and remediation contractors, has left both the EDA and IACDS, which it has been a member of for nearly 30 years.

For many of the other members of the association this came as quite surprising news as the BFB has for many years played a central role in the work of both the EDA and IACDS. BFB’s current president Håkan Karlsson says that the membership benefit of being a member has been evaluated for a long time within the BFB. Most of the BFB members that would like to remain in the EDA and IACDS are contractors located in the larger cities of Sweden. Contractors located more in more rural parts of Sweden have been less keen on membership and do not see clear benefits of memberships, which is also connected to the costs of membership. Håkan Karlsson stated, “All this has landed in the decision to leave both associations.”


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