Sustainability starts with the tool

Published 3/1 at 13:35

German company Kern-Deudiam believes that tool components in order to be sustainable must evolve.

The building industry is facing the issues of sustainability, environmental protection, and efficiency. The challenges are being faced are complicated by other issues such as the global pandemic, war in the Ukraine and the global supply chain crisis.  When it comes to construction projects such as infrastructure, flats, single family homes and company buildings, it is not only a question of how to do get the job done, but more and more also of with what. This is why the future will belong to tools and machines that not only fit the application best but offer long durability, smart features and the smallest possible ecological footprint.

When it comes to sustainability, it is not only short supply chains, shipping routes and delivery times that play a significant role, as these can more than likely be met through local production. Furthermore, the numerous components and parts of construction machinery and tools, and especially their origin, are of interest. From this perspective, another important factor is ‘innovation’.

Mid-sized company Kern-Deudiam is close to its customers and has been researching, developing, and producing diamond tools and machines in Germany for over 45years.  At bauma 2022, the manufacturer was able to present ‘DTOX’, a new product line that is entirely made in Germany and 100% cobalt free. Today, this cobalt free portfolio consists of wall saw and floor saw blades such as the SWF131 or SWF141, but also of wet core drills such as the DB121. In addition, the company offers free sintered ring segment modules and ring segmented core drills such as the DB111.

However, the company believes that there is even greater potential and has the ambition to achieve this. In the medium term, Kern-Deudiam plans to dispense with further heavy metals that were previously necessary.  Avoiding them will make diamond tools and production processes more sustainable and eco friendlier, which then also applies to working with them on construction sites. At present, these heavy metals can still be found in almost every diamond tool and thus also on most of the world's construction sites.

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