Strabag relies on ‘Likufix’ from Liebherr

Published 4/7, 2022 at 09:07

One of Europe's largest construction service providers, Strabag SE from Austria, has been successfully using the fully hydraulic quick coupling system Likufix from Liebherr for several years now in addition to several Liebherr construction machines and attachments. Strabag uses the fully hydraulic Liebherr quick coupling system for all existing and new Liebherr machines, as well as for most machines from other manufacturers.

Apart from its comprehensive portfolio of earthmoving machines and material handlers, Liebherr-Hydraulikbagger GmbH also provides numerous attachments appropriate for the respective application, as well as different configuration levels of quick coupling systems.  A user of such equipment is Strabag SE, an Austrian based international group, whose comprehensive range of services includes structural and civil engineering works as well as road construction. In addition to deep foundation machines and tower cranes, the company also uses various machines from Liebherr’s earthmoving division. Due to the complex and versatile range of services provided, a frequent change of attachment is generally unavoidable especially with hydraulic excavators. Machine operators regularly change the attachment in day to day site work. Therefore, for productive, efficient and safe construction site operation the Likufix fully hydraulic quick coupling system from Liebherr has been used successfully for several years by Strabag.


Integral component of future machine equipment

According to Martin Philipp, head of investment and procurement at Strabag BMTI GmbH & Co. KG, the majority of the wheeled and crawler excavators in new investments are equipped with the fully hydraulic quick coupling system Likufix. This concerns both Liebherr machines and machines from other manufacturers as the quick coupling systems from Liebherr can be used with machines from all manufacturers. For Strabag, it is a worthwhile additional investment as the efficiency of hydraulic excavators is boosted significantly thanks to the quick change of attachment.


Positive experiences

Likufix has already been used successfully by Strabag since 2007. The fully hydraulic quick coupling system impresses in terms of high product quality as well as easy servicing and maintenance. Liebherr continuously optimises these aspects in the course of further product development. For instance, with the new HD generation of quick coupling systems the steel structure was optimised compared to the predecessor series, whereby operational life could once again be significantly increased. The new generation was also designed in view of optimised maintenance so that maintenance work can now be carried out even more simply, resulting in shorter downtime on the construction site.

Likufix is said to not only increase efficiency, but also safety in day to day construction site operation. This is an important factor for Strabag which places great importance to safety in its operations. The attachment is changed from the operator's cab at the touch of a button which ensures that nobody is in the danger zone during the change of attachment. A unique advantage of the quick coupling system is exhibited here: instead of the pressure control of the locking cylinder, each hydraulic Liebherr quick coupler has electronic position sensors as standard which monitor the position of the locking bolt. Optical and acoustic warning informs the machine operator when the quick coupler is opened. In addition, the machine operator can confirm whether the quick coupler is safely connected to the attachment thanks to good visibility of the left locking bolt. Another proximity sensor monitors the correct position of the attachment in the locking position, thus ensuring enhanced safety in further construction site operation.


Fully hydraulic

“The fully hydraulic quick coupling system Likufix is a hydraulic quick coupler combined with the hydraulic block Likufix, which was developed by Liebherr in 2000,” highlights Frederik Kössinger, sales manager of Attachments and Quick coupling Systems at Liebherr-Hydraulikbagger GmbH.

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