Some of the latest developments displayed at bauma 2022

Published 20/12, 2022 at 10:30

PDi’s bauma review will be split over two issues, this one, PDi 5, and the next one, PDi 6 that will be out around New Year. So don’t miss out the second part in PDi 6.


Cams unveils brand new ‘Centauro’

Cams sees itself as a market leader in mobile recycling machinery. Based in Italy, it used bauma to unveil its brand new Centauro XL 150.69 APR. The new recycler combines the features of two shredders, one iron separator and a screening unit in a single machine. Thanks to the innovative in house developed  technology, the Centauro XL 150.69 APR is an ideal solution for recycling slabs and milled asphalt at low fuel consumption, operational costs and environmental impact. The key features include built in shredding programmes depending on the type of material, an ability to process wet materials, compact transport dimension, low dust and noise emissions.  Also thanks to the hybrid drive, the machine can operate in full electric mode.


Rubble Master meets the future with a host of smart solutions

The main crowd puller at the Rubble Master stand at bauma was its brand new scalping screen the RM H50X hybrid, which is said to set new standards in user friendliness and fuel savings. The Austrian manufacturer was buoyed by the positive reception the new scalper received from the audience. The machine is said to deliver fuel savings of up to 25% in stand-alone operation and up to 50% when used together with a hybrid crusher. This environmentally friendly innovation not only significantly reduces operating costs but also enhances operational safety and minimises downtime. The RM H50X hybrid is scheduled to become available to customers in German speaking markets in the first half of 2023, with the worldwide launch expected in Q4 2023. Visitors were equally impressed by the digital solution RM ‘Xsmart’, which ensures intelligent networking and smooth interaction between machine, operator, owner and service team. A special app is available to download on any mobile or desktop device providing an overview of the machines at work in real time.



Latest sawing and drilling updates from Cedima

The German based manufacturer of concrete sawing and drilling systems Cedima GmbH presented a diverse range of solutions for professional contractors at bauma. One development was the ride on floor saw CF-6032 designed for microtrenching applications. The new machine comes equipped with a 3.4l 100kW diesel engine, which is compliant with the Stage V emissions standard. Also new was the CF-4030 B – a walk behind floor saw powered by a 45kW petrol engine. Reaching a maximum cutting depth of 410mm with a 1,000mm diamond blade, the saw features hydraulic feed, hydraulic steering and electronic cutting depth control. Another addition to Cedima’s floor sawing line up at bauma was the new CF-2900 D model. Powered by an 18.4kW Stage V compliant diesel engine, the machine delivers a maximum cutting depth of 360mm. The cutting feed is provided by hydraulic transmission with a fail-safe parking brake. An integrated self-priming water pump provides cooling for the blade during cutting. In the drilling segment, the main attraction was the new self-propelled electro hydraulic drill trailer BW-446 EP. Weighing in at 2,500kg, the BW-446 EP allows core drilling with a diameter of up to 400mm and a drilling depth of 1,100mm. On the wire sawing side, the star of the show was the new all electric wire saw CSA-1002 EP.


Tdbs presents ‘Flughammer Sparrow’ and ‘Work Buddy’

TdbsHandels GmbH, a manufacturer of innovative solutions for the concrete sawing and drilling industry based in Remscheid, Germany, reported that one of the most sought after products at bauma was its ingenious tool for the removal of concrete cores stuck in drill bits called the Flughammer Sparrow. According to the German company, this solution became popular with users thanks to its simplicity, low injury risk, high added value and agreeable price. Another highlight at the bauma booth at was a cutting, testing and soldering device brand named the Work Buddy.


HSD Europe showcases latest additions to the ‘EDIA’ range

One of Europe’s established manufacturers of diamond consumables HSD Europe GmbH based in Eschborn, Germany, used bauma to display three new products produced by the company’s proprietary technology EDIA (Evolution of Diamond Impregnation Array). The EDIA battery saw is a low noise diamond blade designed for battery powered saws. The blade, which comes in four specifications, is suitable for cutting reinforced, flint and cured concretes. Also new is the silent ‘Excelsior’ blade. Featuring chipping free bond, the blade is designed for sawing such materials as ceramics, porcelain gres and granite. Last but not least, is the brand new range of laser welded core drills called ‘Titan’. Designed for dry coring tasks, the Titan drills show excellent performance on extremely hard materials.


Kern-Deudiam wheels out two new walk behinds

bauma 2022 was a great success for the Germany based supplier of concrete sawing and drilling solutions Kern-Deudiam. A staple exhibitor of hall A1, the German manufacturer wheeled out two brand new floor saws: the electric driven KDF1200-E and the gasoline powered KDF500-B/H – both designed and manufactured in Germany. While the electric auto driving KDF1200-E ensures a cutting depth of up 510mm comes packed with such digital features as joystick operation, selector switch, stepless speed adjustment with soft start, the smaller gasoline model KDF500-B/H is marketed as a powerful and compact all-rounder. Boasting an impressive power rate of 8.7kW, the machine ensures a cutting depth of up to 200mm with a maximum blade diameter of 500mm. This model is a successor to the smaller gasoline powered KDF450-B/H floor saw, which has been proving itself on the international market as a reliable cutting solution for over a decade now.


Husqvarna premieres floor saw for indoor applications

Sweden based bellwether Husqvarna used bauma to premiere its new electric walk-behind floor saw FS 600 E suitable for indoor applications. “We have developed this model with the operator’s health and safety in mind. The machine boasts improved ergonomics and zero CO2 emissions. It is very handy for small sized maintenance and repair jobs indoors,” says Richard Tremain, global product manager, Floor Saws at Husqvarna Construction. On top of that, its electric motor requires less maintenance than a combustion engine, which lowers costs of ownership and operation. The FS 600 E is now available worldwide.


Ehwa introduces ‘Zenesis Edition 5’ diamond tools

South Korea based Ehwa Diamond exhibited at bauma for the first time back in 2010. This year’s bauma became the fifth edition for the diamond tool specialist and it seems very appropriate that the manufacturer used it to introduce the latest 5th generation of its patterned diamond tools Zenesis Edition 5. These low noise and vibration tools are designed for high performance dry cutting and drilling of green and set concretes. Currently the Zenesis Edition 5 range includes a floor saw blade, wall saw blade, hand held saw blade, multipurpose saw blade and core drill.




Cmb lays out a plethora of new attachments

Cmb Srl., an Italian based expert in excavator attachments, used bauma to present its updated and extended line of work tools. The new ‘CRE’ series of compact shears equipped with more powerful cylinders for faster work cycles took the front row. Also new was the ‘FK’ series - a three kit crusher featuring crusher, combi tool and shear interchangeable autonomously by the operator within two minutes thanks to an innovative quick coupling system. The proven CRR20 rail cutter was another highlight of the Italian manufacturer’s booth. The ‘SM’ sorting grapple, the ‘MD’ multi kit, and the ‘FH’ rotating pulveriser completed the demolition line up at bauma. The forestry line was represented by one of the company’s bestsellers - the ‘PW’ deforestation shear.


Promove is happy with turnout

Italy based demolition attachment specialist Promove reported high levels of visitor numbers at bauma, the result of the company’s decision to bring most of the product portfolio to the show. According to the Italian manufacturer, the ‘SG’ range of demolition and sorting grabs, the small sized crushers CP210, CP300 and CF45 and, of course, Promove’s trademark breakers, enjoyed particular success with the visitors.


Successful joint exhibition for NPK and Genesis

For the very first time in its history, Genesis GmbH exhibited its hydraulic attachments at bauma jointly with NPK Europe. The highlight of its 600m2 booth was the outsized 5m long Genesis XT 995 scrap shear with a total weight of 8.9t. Due to its excellent power to weight ratio, the GXT 995R is a real powerhouse suitable for heavy duty applications such as ship dismantling, large steel demolition projects and scrap processing. This giant was flanked by various models of the Genesis GDT demolition shear range including the latest ‘Razer X’ demolition multi shear. Designed for 20t to 50t excavators, the Razer X comes with three jaw sets that can be changed in less than two minutes without the operator having to leave the cab. Another show stopper was an art object called the ‘Artshear’. A Genesis XT 665R model formed the canvas for a live graffiti art performance whose main theme was a koi fish.  Symbolizing strength, prosperity, longevity and endurance, it conveys the notion of pride of being part of the NPK Group and the company’s unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability.


Remu to celebrate its 25th anniversary after successful Bauma

Remu, a Finland based trendsetter in screening and crusher buckets, used bauma to showcase its screening buckets, crossover buckets with interchangeable modules and heavy duty padding buckets for pipeline and cable laying applications. Apart from excavator attachments, the Finnish company manufactures pontoon undercarriages for excavators for dredging and excavation in hard to reach environments. Later this year, Remu will celebrate its 25 year milestone in business.


MB Crusher launches new padding bucket

Italy based crusher and screening bucket specialist MB Crusher unveiled the new MB-HDS220 padding bucket at bauma. With a weight of 1t and a load capacity of 0.6m3, this compact and extremely manoeuvrable attachment is suitable for 4.5t to 11t wheel loaders and skid steers. The 2.20m inlet opening, designed to quickly convey the material to the rotors, facilitates loading by ensuring that the tracks or wheels of the carrier remain clean. The coupling system is built to allow maximum freedom of movement and visibility of the material. Like other ‘HDS’ models, the MB-HDS-220 permits changing of the rotors directly on site. Conceived and built for gardening, landscaping and urban construction sites, the MB-HDS padding bucket is a handy solution anywhere where there is a need to aerate packed topsoil or to reclaim soil contaminated with various demolition debris.


New demolition, recycling and road maintenance solutions from Simex

Simex - an excavator attachment innovator from Italy - organised a dedicated area for its demolition and recycling solutions at bauma. Simex’s proven ‘VSE’ screening buckets, which allow rapid adjustment of the output size of the screened material onsite, have been updated with a new screening tool configuration system called ‘FIT’. This system permits multiple configurations of the working parts depending on the material being screened, which results in up to 75% less maintenance costs. Another highlight was the ‘CBA’ asphalt granulator bucket designed for volumetric reduction of asphalt slabs to a required grain size thanks to a configurable rear grid. The high performance ‘CBE’ rotor crusher buckets completed the bucket section. The ‘TF’ drum cutters and the ‘MP’ cutter heads for selective demolition, profiling and tunnelling applications were allocated a prominent spot on the booth as well. These are extremely versatile attachments that can be used for a wide variety of applications ranging from removal of deteriorated concrete to scarifying of shotcrete bumps to milling of industrial floors.

For a few years now, Simex has been working on a cutting edge technology for the recovery of distressed road pavements. This endeavour has now resulted in comprehensive asphalt regeneration technology. Aptly called ‘ART’ - Asphalt Repair Technology – it involves cold milling, volumetric reduction and remixing of the milled material so 100% of the material present onsite can be reused. The ‘PL Next’ cold planer embodies Simex's vision for cold planers of the future. Equipped with the two electric motors, it provides a more efficient, precise and stable operation. An enhanced hydraulic system provides improved transmission of power to the milling drum.



Goldhofer reports a smashing success at bauma

Goldhofer Aktiengesellschaft, a German based transport vehicle specialist, used bauma to unveil a whole array of new products. According to Robert Steinhauser, vice president Sales & Service Transport Technology at Goldhofer, the new ‘FT’ series of semitrailers was met with success far exceeding expectations. “With the presentation of the FT series, we have definitely hit the bull’s eye and introduced a vehicle that will change the transportation market for years to come,” says Robert Steinhauser. “Universal compatibility with the existing Goldhofer modules and accessories means lower acquisition costs and opens up new business models in the field of cooperation with partners and cross rental activities.” In the smaller part of the range, the low payload solutions such as ‘Trailstar’ and ‘Stepstar’ are said to have attracted a lot of interest from the visitors. An optimised centre of gravity, low deadweight and intelligent lashing system result in high payloads, short setup times, and fast transportation cycles. The ‘Cargoplus’ low profile tyres provide the double advantage of higher payloads and lower loading heights and became another showstopper at bauma. However, the biggest crowd puller of all was the ‘PST/SL-E’ split combination demonstrated together with the new FTV 850 blade transporter. This solution gave an impressive demonstration of the fact that the decisive factor for blade transportation is not metric tons but lateral stability, with the new model having a vehicle width of up to 4,010mm for maximum stability and safety.



A record bauma for Sennebogen

The star of Sennebogen’s demolition line-up at bauma was the 48t multifunctional 830 demolition model boasting two new features: a three part long-front boom with 23m reach and a 10t counterweight that can be hydraulically removed to reduce transport weight. On the crane side, in addition to the 200t 5500 G crawler crane, two other models in the 100t weight class were on display at Sennebogen’s 2,100m2 exhibition area: the 6100 E crawler crane with diaphragm wall grab suited for specialised civil engineering applications, and the recently launched 6103 E telescopic crawler crane. According to the German manufacturer, the 2022 bauma became a record in many respects; the number of machines exhibited in Munich as well as the number of dealers and personnel to communicate with customers were higher than before, as was the number of quotation requests.


Komatsu debuts a 20t electric excavator

Komatsu used bauma 2022 to debut a 20t electric excavator featuring a lithium ion battery system supplied by US based company Proterra. Komatsu and Proterra have been jointly developing and testing medium sized electric excavators since January 2021. This particular model, which is slated for launch into the Japanese and European markets in 2023, integrates Proterra’s lithium ion battery technology with such proven Komatsu components as the hydraulic pump, controller and electric motor. In addition, Komatsu has developed a robust cage structure to provide additional protection for the machine’s battery packs. As a result, the Japanese manufacturer has achieved digging performances and durability equivalent to those of engine-driven hydraulic excavators. Electric power makes it possible to work in various environments without worrying about noise and exhaust emissions for up to 8h when fully charged. Zero vibration also helps reduce the operator’s fatigue. As global awareness of the climate change gathers pace, Komatsu has declared its intention to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.


Hitachi unveils prototype 2t electric excavator

Another Japanese heavyweight, Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd used bauma to unveil a prototype battery powered mini excavator. Thanks to its short tail swing, the prototype ZX23U-6EB boasts exceptional manoeuvrability inherited from the diesel powered ZX20U-5B model already available on the Japanese market. Operators can choose between a battery powered mode using 18kW/h lithium ion batteries or wired operation by taking power from a CEE 400v A/C three phase source. The combination of both methods allows operators using the ZX23U-6EB to work continuously throughout the day. Owners can also expect reduced maintenance costs and downtime compared to diesel powered excavators. Reduced external sound levels allow greater flexibility in terms of working hours and applications in environmentally sensitive areas. The machine’s compact dimensions mean that it can be easily transported between job sites. The ZX23U-6EB will be designed and produced in collaboration between Hitachi and EACP (European Advanced Construction Products GmbH), a joint venture between Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd and KTEG (Kiesel Technologie Entwicklung GmbH). “With our new battery powered models, capable of working productively and efficiently in small spaces, we are listening carefully to our customers’ requirements and working hard to meet the growing demand for zero emission equipment,” says Hitachi president Takaharu Ikeda.


Bobcat launches new electric mini excavator

Bobcat used bauma to launch a new 2t electric mini excavator, the latest in Bobcat’s growing line of zero emission compact machines. Robert Husar, Mini Excavator product line director, Doosan Bobcat EMEA, said of the new model: “We launched the E10e, our first battery powered product and the world’s first 1t electric mini excavator at bauma 2019. Like the E10e, our new two tonner that we are showing at bauma 2022 was also developed at the Innovation Centre on the Bobcat campus in Dobris, the Czech Republic.” Alongside the new mini, the company also presented a number of the latest innovations and concepts including the world’s first all electric compact track loader - the Bobcat T7X. This is a battery powered machine, built to be more productive from the ground up with electric actuation and propulsion, quieter with high performance torque and said by the company to be more powerful than any diesel fuelled track loader that has ever come before it. Vijay Nerva, head of innovation at Doosan Bobcat EMEA, added: “Our electric machines shown at bauma are all part of Bobcat’s journey in further expanding our portfolio in alternative power sources. In essence, all the components in the power trains of these products are made to measure and we have adjusted the processes with our suppliers so that we can increase the production volumes when needed.”


Caterpillar rolls out four electric machine prototypes

At bauma, Caterpillar showcased four battery powered machine prototypes: the 301.9 mini excavator, the 320 medium excavator, the 950 GC medium wheel loader and the 906 compact wheel loader. All machines are currently equipped with an on board A/C charger; however, the manufacturer is planning to offer an off board D/C fast charging option as well. “Caterpillar is well positioned to help customers reach their sustainability goals, including lowering emissions on the jobsite,” said Construction Industries Group president Tony Fassino. “It’s important we meet customers on their sustainability journey today with a variety of solutions including machines that run on renewable fuels or technology that increases fuel efficiency, as well as supporting them into the future as we power our next generation of machines.” Built on the proven Caterpillar technology, the lithium ion battery range features a modular design that offers flexible configurations across multiple applications. The batteries are engineered to be scalable to industry and customer performance needs and maximise sustainability throughout their lifecycle, including recycling and reuse at the end of life. The 301.9 and 906 are expected to be the first commercially available models.


Avant Tecno extends electric loader line up

Avant Tecno – a Finland-based manufacturer of compact loaders – rolled out two new models, Avant e5-27 and Avant e5-13, equipped with the Avant ‘OptiTemp’ batteries (27kW/h and 13kW/h respectively) featuring a unique thermal management system. The batteries were developed by Avant Tecno’s subsidiary Avant Power Oy. The Avant OptiTemp batteries have an extremely high capacity of up to 27kW/h, which allows a whole day’s operation with just one charge. The innovative thermal management system has been designed to keep the temperature optimised and ensures the same capacity in both hot and freezing weather. Once the battery is plugged into a charger, the temperature control system is automatically switched on. Thanks to the structure of the battery, users can charge the battery in just 1.5h with a rapid charger. The Avant OptiTemp batteries are fully protected from propagation (thermal runaway from one cell to another) or flame leakage by the battery’s structure and immersion cooling system. “The cooperation with Avant Power allows us to build the kind of electric loaders that the market has been longing for. Longer working hours and more affordable pricing have been the key issues with electric loaders until now. With the new e5 models, we intend to tackle them both,” says Jani Käkelä, the CEO of Avant Tecno.



Brøndum introduces new remote control

The Denmark based manufacturer of industrial vacuum cleaners Brøndum used bauma to introduce a new smart remote control for its ‘Ronda’ 200H Power and Ronda 1800H Power models. The control is mounted on the hose near the user and makes it possible to start and stop the vacuum cleaner easily and quickly. This new solution is particularly handy for concrete cutting, drilling or grinding tasks. Using machines like concrete grinders necessitates hearing protection, which makes it difficult to hear the vacuum cleaner's acoustic alarm for low airflow. The new Ronda remote control is equipped with a visual alarm that flashes red simultaneously with the sound alarm, indicating that the airflow in the hose is lower than the required 20m/s. This typically happens when the collection bag needs to be changed or the filter needs cleaning or the hose is clogged. This way the new remote control helps contribute to a safer work environment.


Sprintus flaunts high end dust control and cleaning solutions at bauma

Sprintus GmbH, a German based supplier of dust management and cleaning solutions, used bauma to showcase its flagship products - the pump vacuum N 51/1 KPS and the brand new ‘CraftiX’ series of safety vacuum cleaners. Capable of pumping out water from any flooded building structure, the N 51/1 KPS can also be used in civil engineering applications such as flat roof renovation and pool cleaning. Featuring a 900W integrated pump with a capacity of up to 14,000l/h of wastewater and a robust 50l container made out of impact proof plastic, the N 51/1 KPS is designed for challenging professional tasks. A filter net retains leaves, wood chunks and other objects in the container and prevents the pump from clogging. Thanks to a 10m wastewater hose, waste water is continuously drained from the container. With a maximum suction of 230bar and a 360mm wet floor nozzle, the machine can also function as a wet vacuum cleaner.

The new CraftiX series consists of the four certified safety vacuum cleaners designed for ‘L’ and ‘M’ dust classes. All machines feature automatic filter cleaning, which, thanks to the patented Hepa 13 cartridge filter, takes place at a constantly high suction power. This allows users to perform sawing, drilling, milling or grinding tasks in a safe and efficient manner. The CraftiX 35 L and 50 L vacuum cleaners are suitable for dealing with L class dust, which is slightly hazardous to health. If hazardous dust of M class is involved, the CraftiX 35 M and 50 M models are a better fit. Due to their standard antistatic equipment, they can easily extract large quantities of fine dust directly from the power tool. The M models are also equipped with an alert system that monitors the suction power. The operator is alerted by acoustic and visual signal if the required airflow is not reached. The heart of the CraftiX is the Hepa 13 cartridge filter. It consists of the two independent chambers, which are cleaned one after the other. Filter cleaning takes place automatically every 45sec. All four models come complete with the maxi chassis featuring large wheels and swivel casters suitable for construction sites. Thanks to their 10m power cord and 5m suction hose, the CraftiX vacuums provide a large operating radius on any construction or demolition site. All models are equipped as standard with a 450mm dry floor nozzle, a crevice, a round nozzle and power tool adapters. Established in 2007, Sprintus GmbH is a family owned manufacturing company located in the town of Welzheim in Baden-Württemberg, some 35km from Stuttgart. Currently the manufacturer supplies its products to over 60 countries worldwide.



Spir Star – a major player in the high pressure game

Founded in 1989 in Rimbach-Mitlechtern, Germany, Spir Star AG is a manufacturer of ultra-high pressure thermoplastic hoses with spiralled steel wire reinforcements for pressure ranges from 250bar to 4,000bar and inside diameters ranging from 3mm to 32mm. The company’s product range also includes valves, adapters, tubing and couplers. One of the product highlights showcased at bauma was the rugged 4/4 UHP-X-3035 hose designed for pipe cleaning applications. Featuring four wire layers and an outer diameter of just 9.9mm, the hose is capable of reaching a whopping working pressure of 3,300bar (approx.). In addition to this, the hose is equipped with the patented robust ‘DuraLife Flex’ cover, which considerably increases its service life.


Janser releases ‘Kondor’ at bauma

Janser GmbH, a Germany based surface preparation professional, presented an array of innovative products at bauma. The stripper machine range was expanded with the addition of a new 18v electric hand scraper. However, the real limelight stealer was the Kondor - a powerful and robust grinder designed for small to medium sized subfloor preparation jobs. A true all-rounder, the Kondor is designed for aggressive use when removing fillers, flooring residues or adhesive layers with ‘PCD’ tools. High grinding performance, ergonomic design and easy tool replacement are Kondor’s trademark features. The patented tool holder enables tool free changing of the grinding heads. The working angle is adjustable via a level indicator. In the transport position, the machine’s height is only 480mm.

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