Smart special solution for heavy duty concrete cutting at high altitude

Published 11/10, 2022 at 12:16

LT Diamond Drilling’s custom made wire saw and a Volvo excavator fitted with a Steelwrist quick coupler solved a tricky wire sawing application in Romania’s capitol Bucharest.

The Romanian company LT Diamond Drilling Srl. was founded and is owned by Youssef Hallak and has taken on another challenging concrete cutting task. (PDi has written about the company several times. If you want to read the full story about Youssef please have a look in PDi 4-2019, For Youssef Hallak and his staff at Diamond Drilling Srl. in Bucharest, the whole world is their field of work. They take on jobs all over the world but particularly in Europe and the Middle East. The latest job however was in the company’s hometown of Bucharest.


149t of concrete hauled down from 16m

At the Promenade Mall in Bucharest, the company was tasked to cut two big concrete wall openings. Each hole measured 6m x 5m and 85cm thick. The job was additionally carried out 16m above ground. In total, 24 concrete blocks were cut and holed down to the ground. The project took 11 days to finish and involved seven workers from Diamond Drilling Srl. All together 149t of concrete was removed. For the job, LT Diamond Drilling used a custom made wire sawing machine, a Weka DK32 core drill and a Weka SR38 core drill. The custom made wire sawing unit was fitted to a Volvo E180W excavator with a Steelwrist tool connector. Hauling down the concrete blocks was carried out using a Liebherr crane.

“The solution with the special custom made wire saw fitted on our excavator was the perfect solution for this kind of job. It offered a very easy operation in a very complicated work application. We were able to be very effective with this solution with very little need of maintenance. Unfortunately we cannot show any detailed pictures of our wire saw solution for this job application in order not to reveal how we solved the technical solution,” commented Youssef Hallak.

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