Selective deconstruction in the city centre

Published 14/11 at 14:56

The Herzog-Tassilo-Realschule in Dingolfing is to be expanded meaning that the neighbouring dormitory had to make way. The company Karl Mossandl GmbH & Co. had been commissioned with the project and used a Sennebogen 830 supplied as a rental machine by Sennebogen Vertriebs GmbH & Co. KG.

The Sennebogen 830 E was planned to be used over a two week period to demolish the dormitory. The Sennebogen demolition excavator however only needed one week. Fa. Mossandl was so satisfied and almost a little sad when the rental machine from the Sennebogen rental park was transported back to Straubing. “I started on a Sennebogen and I will end my career on a Sennebogen,” said the machine operator. “The machine has only advantages,” he enthused. 

A quick change system for attachments allows attachments to be changed quickly from the cab. Whether demolition grapple, demolition hammer or pulveriser or the classic demolition tongs, each attachment can be changed quickly and as required at the push of a button. The demolition grapple can be used to sort the building materials, which allows for subsequent raw material recovery and processing, as the selective demolition of a building in a built up area must always be carried out safely. The crawler track, which can also be telescoped at the push of a button, offers optimum stability, even on uneven ground.

Green efficiency is the Sennebogen motto when it comes to environmentally friendly drive technology. With rental machines from Sennebogen Vertriebs GmbH & Co. KG, there is the option of using the latest machine types that are technically up to date and have environmentally friendly drive technology.  The Sennebogen machines are also designed to be easy to maintain, as all service points are easily accessible. The elevating cab, which can be tilted up to 30°, is designed to provide a clear view of the demolition object and offers the operator plenty of space and freedom of movement.

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