Scrapbook 2022 The latest trends in scrap recycling

Published 3/1 at 13:59

As the unprecedentedly challenging and for some, the simply tragic year of 2022 is grinding to a close, PDi features its traditional round up of the latest trends and innovations in the scrap metal recycling industry. Andrei Bushmarin reports.

Mantovanibenne releases ‘Eagle 3’ scrap shears

Established in 1963 in Italy, attachment specialist Mantovanibenne has launched this year the Eagle 3 - a brand new generation of scrap shears. “Since the early 1990s when the first ‘SH’ shear was manufactured in Italy, we have worked to produce efficient and reliable attachments for any operating conditions. Our shears are used on crawler and wheeled excavators, in scrap recycling yards and in offshore and subsea applications,” says Paolo Mantovani, CEO of Mantovanibenne. According to the Italian manufacturer, it has taken 20 specialists, 3,000h of research and development work and over 10,000h of testing to prepare the Eagle 3 shears for commercial release. The new series is designed to maximise the tools’ service life without any extra maintenance. The shear’s central pin, made out of sturdy components, can be easily removed directly onsite. The redesigned jaws allows up to a 9% larger opening. The jaws are cut using a high pressure water jet to avoid any possible weakening due to high temperatures. The cylinder is inverted to protect the rod inside and the enlarged bore offers more power by accelerating the work cycle. The attachments come equipped with premium quality seals that can last up to 3,000h. The most heavily used parts are reinforced with interchangeable Hardox 500 steel plates. Currently the range includes five models, with another two scheduled for release shortly.


Demarec features ‘DXS’ range

The DXS range of 360° rotatable scrap shears from Netherlands based Demarec is engineered to deliver high cutting force and speed and an optimal weight to performance ratio. These robust attachments can be used for a wide variety of applications including demolition, scrap processing and tyre recycling. With three different mounting options, the DXS line is available in six different sizes for 14t to 100t excavators. The DXS shears offer up to 25% more power and faster cycle times thanks to the patented ‘DemaPower’ 2.0 cylinder. The offset apex of the shear blades ensures an increased cutting force. Heavy duty bearings in the pivotal points allow for a long lifetime. Other features include the robust shear arm guiding system (‘SGS’), a replaceable and reweldable piercing tip and the blade locking system (‘BLS’). All blades are 4 or 8 times indexable.


‘CRE’ series from CMB - a solution for any steel processing task  

Based in Asigliano Veneto, in the province of Vicenza, Italy, CMB has been manufacturing excavator attachments for demolition, recycling and forestry applications for over 12 years now. The company markets its series of rotatable scrap shears under the brand names ‘CR’ and ‘CRE’. Available in a wide range of operating weights, which goes from 550kg to 10.5t, the attachments are equipped with reversible and interchangeable blades. All the hydraulic components are easily accessible in order to simplify setting up and maintenance operations. From the CR25OE model up, the shears come complete as standard with a high flow speed valve to speed up working cycles. CMB shears are designed to process a wide range of steel structures such as profiles, pipes, tanks, railway cars and aircraft.


New scrap shears and rail breakers from Indeco

Italian manufacturer Indeco has released its new ‘IRC’ series rail breakers which are specially designed for cutting rails for heavy and light rail systems. The particular design of the jaws, combined with the efficiency of the hydraulic system and the robustness of the machine body, allow the cutting of rails up to approximately 70kg/m. At bauma, Indeco launched the ‘ISS 8/13’ shears, which can be used on excavators from 6t. The ISS 8/13 features a short and sturdy structure, low weight and balance, with the jaws being designed and modified to optimise the cutting power and to increase maximum opening. The shears also include the presence of four interchangeable and reversible knives and the latest generation piercing tip.

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