Schwamborn to present innovative solutions at the bauma

Published 11/10, 2022 at 11:46

At the bauma in October, Schwamborn will once again be presenting a number of innovations that aims to make traditionally difficult work considerably easier.

Whether demolition management or floor construction and renovation, the construction industry always faces the same challenges. The work has to be faster, more efficient and, above all, constantly improved in terms of ergonomics and health protection. Outstanding area performance, especially for large areas, with significantly improved ergonomics are the guidelines on which Schwamborn’s latest innovations are based.


Remote controlled milling machine

With a 400mm working width, remote control, traction drive both via cable and battery, an extremely even milling pattern, maximised manoeuvrability thanks to front wheel steering and significantly improved dust extraction, are the highlights of the new BEF 400RC. The new development has been developed as milling is an indispensable activity when it comes to the deep acting removal of coatings, bumps or protrusions, such as road markings.  The range of accessories and tools for machine has been expanded to include concrete saws (or cutting discs) in addition to the eight point carbide milling cutters. With this milling machine it is also possible to cut expansion joints or to prepare the floor for an even greater depth removal by means of deep and even sawing or cutting. The function of setting the milling depth independently on the right and left increases the area of carbide application of the milling machine, which can be controlled ergonomically with the remote control.


Good news for the demolition industry

The WDS 530 wall and ceiling grinding machine, which has won several innovation awards, can now also be used with excavators. In combination with a quick coupler with swivel rotor, decoating is now possible in all conceivable angular positions, even when dealing with contaminated material. With the help of optimised dust extraction, the disposal volume can be reduced to a minimum. The WDS 530 not only accelerates the work that is hazardous but also helps to reduce disposal costs in the long term. Schwamborn will also present the little sister of the WDS 530 at bauma. The advantages are said to be that it can be used in smaller spaces, offers considerable manoeuvrability, and can be operated with a mini excavator with an electric drive. This new WDS 250 works with a grinding radius of 250mm and can be fitted with grinding and decoating diamond tools.


New generation of diamond tools

The best possible tools are required for decoating, subsoil preparation and renovation for the production of concrete floors. For all this work, Schwamborn offers special tools that are perfectly matched to each other. Gaining ground is the central quality feature here and that is why the new generation of diamond tools has been given the name ‘Giants’. For example, the Giants ‘Center’ clears even the strongest concrete, while the ‘Wide Receiver Superflex’ pads provide the finishing touches at high speed. The diamond tools are available in grades AAA, AA+ and AA. Excellent results are guaranteed by the company with gradation being based exclusively on the size of the area to be processed in order to enable economic use.

The industry has a problem. There are fewer and fewer workers who want to expose themselves to the traditionally high levels of dust and physically demanding work. This means it is all the more important to develop machines, tools and industrial vacuum cleaners that bring lasting improvements in ergonomics and health protection. Schwamborn states that it has already set milestones here in recent years.

Remote controlled machines, which no longer expose the workers directly to dust pollution, are just as much a part of the solution to these problems as a perfected and coordinated system for dust reduction. An H-certification of the industrial vacuum cleaners are just as self-evident as the connection between the machine and the vacuum cleaner, which is still often identified as a weak point.

Schwamborn states that it has made considerable progress here in particular. The machine adapter suction system, which has now been further enhanced, and is constantly being improved, ensures a significant reduction in construction site dust.

For everyone interested in sustainably gaining ground, Schwamborn can be found at bauma in Hall A1, Stand 314 and in courtyard 12A.

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