‘Revotruck’ new from Mecalac

Published 3/10, 2022 at 11:03

Operators can now rotate the entire cab at the touch of a button to keep their vision and focus on the job. The exclusive chassis with central oscillation ensures stability and traction in all conditions. Designed for ease of use and accessibility, the Revotruck is designed to make material transport smarter and safer.

Almost one third of transport accidents on construction sites occur on dumpers. This is mainly due to the front load that obstructs visibility when driving forward, exposing drivers to major accidents.  Based on Mecalac’s user centric innovation process, the company has created a new type of vehicle for smarter and safer material transport, namely Revotruck.

The new development is designed to provide the best working view without the operator physically having to manoeuvre due to the fully rotating cab of the Revotruck. The ‘infinite’ cab positions open up visibility in all directions, allowing maximum concentration for the drivers on the job. Revotruck has been developed to revolutionise the way to work with a dumper, further enhancing operator safety and well-being.

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