Revolutionary new side gripper

Published 27/12, 2019 at 17:08

Dieseko Group B.V., the supplier of innovative foundation equipment has recently launched what is said to be a revolutionary new side gripper, the 2308SG.

“Dieseko is using over 45 years of experience in vibratory hammers to be applied in their new side gripper making it a unique and reliable machine. Unique in the side clamp principle and in elastomer geometry, and reliably applied by proven vibratory technology,” says Dirk Smulders, CEO of Dieseko Group.

“Before we started to develop, Dieseko performed an extensive study on existing side grippers available in today’s market and interviewed a lot of side gripper operators to understand their challenges. During the development phase of our side gripper, Dieseko’s R&D engineers focused on providing a concept which improves the challenges experienced with side grippers currently available, without neglecting Dieseko’s design philosophy - limited number of moving parts and protected hoses, both resulting in a high reliability, (using) only three hoses for connection.” 

Dirk also explained that there are four major differences compared to existing systems. These comprise of a unique linear side clamping system resulting in a more efficient clamping load transfer; a modular side grip clamping system resulting in less downtime during exchange of the side grip inserts for various profiles. Furthermore the clamp opens up to 330mm for sheet piles and H-beams and 550mm for casings, whilst unique multi directional elastomers create a more stable and predictable movement of the dynamic part of the side gripper.

In addition to the above, the exchangeable excavator connection adapter allows the side gripper to fit onto any excavator adapter type, whereas the unlimited 360˚ rotary head with + or - 35˚ tilting adapter makes it possible to operate the side gripper in any position while handling a profile. Its distinctive design is easily accessible for maintenance and after extensive testing, partly by very experienced side gripper operators, the results and experiences proved to be very promising. The 2308SG uses an oil flow of 214l/min at 350bar, with a 35t excavator being required for best performance, with operation being done by remote controlled joystick or excavator controls.

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