Ramtec produces attachments for the most demanding jobs

Published 3/10, 2022 at 12:56

Ramtec Oy from Lahti in Finland is well known for its high quality contract manufacturing. Employing about 80 people, Ramtec has grown year by year with new production machinery and facilities being the latest investment at the Lahti plant along with a new paint shop.

Ramtec Oy was founded in 2002, but the company traces its origins to the 70’s as part of Rammer, which later joined the Sandvik Group. In 2002, Sandvik sold its frame construction and crusher factory to the plant’s management which marked the beginning of Ramtec.


Own product family

In its early years, Ramtec worked as a contract manufacturer for many companies in mining and in earthmoving. In 2005, the design and the production of its own products started with Robi attachments which led to an increase in production. Ramtec bought the Estonian metal workshop Harry Metall Oü to boost metal pre-processing. In this way it was possible to increase production and in 2011 Ramtec acquired the rights for Hytera products. There was a strategic change in 2015, when the company started Ramtec Attachments. Business grew further through purchasing Kenguru plate compactor rights in 2016.


Robi attachments for contractors

The base of Ramtec since 2005 has been Robi attachments for excavators and wheel loaders. They provide solutions for demolition, material handling, screening, crushing and loading jobs and include crabs, crushers, buckets, hammers and asphalt cutters. The success of Robi products is based on listening to customers which provides interesting challenges for the engineering team. Robi products are also easily tailor made according to customer requests thereby optimising customer efficiency.


New products in range

Hytera attachments are designed for wheel loaders and large tractors, having a reputation for being ‘robust tools’. Hytera buckets, log grabs and ploughs are good examples of Ramtec’s modern design. The product range is very large, providing many sizes for different jobs. Kenguru plate compactors are said to be good choices for earth compacting at a large scale. Kenguru also offers compactors, including dampers, which can be mounted at an angle providing a strong compacting force.


Contract manufacturing and special products

Ramtec has been a contract manufacturing as well as focusing on its own production. The company has produced high quality implements for the most demanding tasks in mining and earthmoving which are said to be competitively priced.  Customers have relied on Ramtec know how, material choices as well as on efficient production using high quality machinery. In that way even a large number of products can be manufactured to schedule. At this moment Ramtec is contract manufacturing components for hydraulic hammers, special buckets and lift arms. Ramtec special production and subcontracting manufacturing are concentrated mainly on highly detailed and very large products.


Rapid internationalisation

International markets are seen by Ramtec as playing an important role in the company’s future strategy. Today Ramtec is exporting to 25 countries, attending many international trade exhibitions, which are seen as playing an important role in the company’s export drive. Ramtec will be attending in Bauma 2022 fair (C5,329) with three new products to show: Robi DG31 demolition grapple for 24 - 42 t excavators, Robi RP22 rotating pulverizer for 18 – 28t excavators and Robi EH800E hydraulic hammer for 65 – 120 t excavators.

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