Promove delivers new CR800 to Italy and Norway

Published 9/3, 2021 at 12:23

Promove CR series crushers have been designed for the crushing of building materials and the cutting of internal metal reinforcements, being distinguished by their speed and versatility of use.

At the beginning of December, Promove delivered a new CR800 fitted to a Hitachi FH150 to a disposal centre in Bellona in the province of Caserta. The crusher was chosen for the recycling and disposal of construction and demolition aggregates. The CR800 crusher processes recyclable materials coming from construction, demolition, excavations, and road projects. Some of the features that determined the customer's choice were the compact design of the crusher which appears as a single block between the body and the fixed jaw, eliminating welds that would make the structure weak. A wide jaw opening of 550mm, an excellent closing / opening speed and oversized pins help to ensure the maximum possible duration of use in the most demanding working conditions have proved highly useful. 


CF130 first model in Norway

In late December 2020, the company SDK-Dagenborg delivered a Case CX130 D equipped with a Promove CF130 fixed pulveriser to a small contractor in Norway. The goal is to collect concrete from various projects, sorts out iron and use concrete as filler in suitable projects, with the iron being recycled. The contractor says of the new purchase: “This is the first crusher I have in my company; I am very happy with the product and would definitely recommend to others.” He notes that thanks to the maximum opening of 701mm it allows the crushing of bigger material portions and optimises daily production.

Another feature of the CF130 is its new compact designed with a weight of 1,300 kg. It is also highly manoeuvrable (1.7m total length), built entirely in Hardox 400 and designed as a single compact block without any welding between body and fixed jaw to give greater robustness in the crusher structure. It has been designed with interchangeable teeth, instead of previous fixed plates, resulting in a reduction of maintenance costs and in easy maintenance directly on the job site. The CF130 has three rows of two teeth, of which the central one is staggered and lowered below the one that allows the shearing of the material before the actual crushing.

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