Profitable processing with RM crushers and screens

Published 3/10, 2022 at 10:57

The RM Group has been engineering crushers with diesel electric and fully electric drives for 30 years. This know-how from Austria and Northern Ireland is brought together in RM hybrid crushers and screens with RM developing solutions for the electrified and digitised construction site of the future.

The RM Group’s RM XSmart is a fleet management and condition monitoring tool launched in 2021 that displays all the essential machine data as an app on a smartphone, tablet or computer anytime and anywhere. Operators can monitor fuel levels, reset belt scales, and track their tonnages conveniently from their cab with an optional belt scale. It further records machine utilisation data including run time, operating hours and tonnages, which can be easily shared with the client or back office. The app uses real time machine data to simplify the everyday work of machine operators, workshop managers, rental fleet managers, deployment coordinators and owners.

RM screens are designed and built at RM Group's UK site in Dungannon, which is aiming to increase production. “Together with our screen experts in Northern Ireland, we have achieved a great deal in recent years. For example, the purchasing teams in Dungannon and Linz are working much closer together to optimise synergies. Another key element that we are constantly developing in both Austria and the UK is quality management. Furthermore we have also employed around 20% more people so we can work additional shifts,” says RM CEO Gerald Hanisch.

The combination of environmental protection and business success has played a key role at the RM Group from the very beginning. Following the launch of hybrid crushers and new hybrid screens, the company is now taking the next step. With the RM processing system that can be connected to a power grid, purely electric and, therefore, emission free operation is now possible. This opens up completely new application possibilities for tunnel construction sites, inside buildings, and in city centres. Vitally, RM processing plants comply with all legal requirements in terms of exhaust, dust and noise emissions, as the following example shows.

In tourist centres, construction companies need to comply with special restrictions to avoid disturbing tourists and to protect the environment. This certainly applies to Eric and Pierre Galgani, managing partners of SARL Galgani in Vence, about 30km west of Nice. “There are regular inspections to check compliance with noise and dust regulations in our region,” says Eric Galgani. However, this is only one reason why the two company owners went for a hybrid screen from the RM Group at the beginning of this year: “The RM MSC8500e already saves us up to 25% on diesel costs during operation, and because a suitable power supply is available, our site in Vence here we can screen all electric. Also, instead of producing three factions at the same time, we can now produce four. This is not only good for business, but also for conserving nature and our planet,” adds Eric Galgani.

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