Pentruder news at bauma 2022

Published 11/10, 2022 at 11:48

“Finally, it’s time for Bauma and we at Pentruder are pleased to be able to present two new products. A new and improved trolley for the HF-wall saws, and a core drill within the new HFi-system”, says Elin Skantz at Pentruder.

The new HF trolley shares a lot of modern design features with the RS2 trolley. It offers even better sturdiness thank before, and thanks to the new design there is now room for a saw blade and blade guard in addition to the saw head, power pack, track and track feet, remote control, and cables.

“At Pentruder we always have the operator’s daily work in mind and our focus is how we can make things even better. Therefor we will continue to improve our products if we see a possibility to do so, even if they are selling well”, explains Elin Skantz, in charge of market communication at Tractive AB, the company behind the Pentruder brand.

Next in line in the HFi-system is the heavy-duty core drill MDU2 together with new accessories. The MDU2 will be a powerful 3-phase motor with a very wide speed range for both small and large drill bits.

“The MDU2 has been under development for several years, and we are very pleased with the results. We know that this machine is very longed for, but we cannot launch it until all field tests are done, and we have all parts in stock. As everything looks now, we are planning a launch within the next year”, says Kristoffer Johnsen, Operations director at Tractive AB.

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