OilQuick receives ‘Great place to work’ certificate

Published 27/6 at 16:55

Together with 25 other companies in the category ‘Medium sized organisations 50-249 co-workers’, OilQuick received a ‘Great place to work’ certificate.

All the 25 companies that were awarded the certificate were invited to a gala dinner on 27 March at Circus in Stockholm, Sweden. “For us, this award means a lot,” says Henrik Sonerud, chief executive and shareholder of OilQuick AB. “It is a receipt that we’re doing things right, that our co-workers are comfortable in the workplace and that we’re having fun together. It’s important also for recruiting new co-workers.”

In order to receive the ‘Great place to work’ certificate, at least 70% of the co-workers had to express that they are working at a good place to work, with OilQuick achieving a 91% result. This positive expression of the OilQuick workplace came from a breakdown of answers received in a web based evaluation, where all co-workers were able to respond anonymously. Additionally, the company needs to meet certain requirements in terms of culture creating activities, organisation and the way in which it achieves certain goals.

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