No wall is too thick, no steel is too tough and no rock is too hard WHEN THE [...]

Published 4/7, 2022 at 08:26

No wall is too thick, no steel is too tough and no rock is too hard WHEN THE EQUIPMENT IS RIGHT

No matter what task a specialist contractor might be facing – wall cutting, wire sawing of steel structures or rock excavation – choosing the right equipment is the key to success. PDi’s Andrei Bushmarin presents the latest developments in the field of concrete and rock cutting.

Eurodima reports strong growth  

Austria based Eurodima has been specialising in the development of professional sawing and drilling equipment for over two decades. Over the years, the Austrian company has built a strong sales and distribution network covering the entire world. Its proven wall saw blade ML89 features a patterned diamond segment for high cutting speed and extended tool life. Eurodima’s WS20 wall saw, which boasts a combination of high performance and low maintenance cost, is available on the two rail systems: WS20E (Eurodima) and WS20H (Hilti). Powered by a 23kW servo engine, the WS20 accommodates diamond blades of up to 825mm in diameter and has service intervals of 250 operating hours. The wall saw’s drive unit can be converted to the wire sawing mode without the use of any additional tools. The wire saw has a rugged construction, high torque, adjustable cutting speed and pneumatic wire tensioning system. Johannes Radauer, Eurodima’s managing director says of the company’s progress in recent years: “We are very satisfied with the last year’s increase in sales of our servo engine systems worldwide and we are continuously extending our dealer network. To see our latest innovations, customers are invited to visit the Eurodima booth at bauma in hall A1.”


Siegenthalerconsulting designs a portal wire sawing system

The demand for tailor made wire sawing systems is increasing worldwide. Complex demolition projects at nuclear power plants often require job specific wire sawing equipment. Switzerland based consulting firm Siegenthalerconsulting GmbH has designed, in partnership with ATP Hydraulik AG, a portal wire sawing system for a job at a nuclear power plant in Switzerland. ATP Hydraulik AG designs and manufactures hydraulic and mechatronic systems as well as pneumatics control solutions. The portal wire saw is the first of its kind in the nuclear decommissioning segment. It is primarily used to cut large steel structures such as water separators or steam dryers underwater. Most of these structures are highly radioactive. Underwater cutting prevents airborne debris and proliferation of high radioactive contaminants. The system is remotely controlled to reduce the risk of exposure to operators. The portal wire saw is capable of performing both vertical and horizontal cuts. The advance feed mechanism is infinitely and load dependent adjustable. Furthermore, cutting accuracy can be refined down to millimetres due to positioning of the diamond wire pulleys, with sawing progress being shown on the remote control’s display. Siegenthalerconsulting GmbH also supplies high quality diamond wire as part of the delivery scope.


Simex RWE 100 wheel saw helps rehabilitate a hospital wing  

Switzerland based contractor LötscherPlus is carrying out a major renovation and extension project of a wing of the city hospital in Lucerne. When removing the old foundations, the company encountered a lot of difficulties dealing with sandstone - the sedimentary rock that constitutes much of the site’s subsoil. Hard and abrasive, with resistance values between 70 and 100MPa, it cannot be profitably removed using traditional buckets. Likewise, with hydraulic hammers, acceptable performance is not achieved without the material being previously sectioned and fractured. Given this, LötscherPlus opted for a Simex RWE 100 wheel saw, the largest in the Italian manufacturer’s range, designed specifically for cutting hard and dense materials. The attachment, procured by Hydremag Ag - a Simex dealer in Switzerland - was fitted with a cutting wheel with a working depth of 800mm and a width of 130mm. Longitudinal cuts were first made along the foundations so that hydraulic hammers could then operate without the risk of getting stuck in the material. The RWE 100, mounted on a Hitachi ZX 350 excavator, ensured an advancement speed of 6m/h which, given the resistance and abrasiveness of the material, was a real success. That success was largely due to the two large displacement hydraulic motors that generate a cutting force of 55.7kN (with a wheel designed for 800mm depth, set at 380bar). The Simex RWE 60 and 100 wheel saws fit 28t to 75t excavators and are designed for horizontal or vertical cutting in hard and abrasive materials. The most common application for these models is construction and demolition sites where selective removal of large sections of concrete or rock is needed.


Solga Diamant a diamond wire specialist from Spain    

Solga Diamant, a specialist manufacturer of diamond consumables based in Barcelona, Spain, has been producing diamond wires for construction and stone cutting applications for over 30years now. Solga’s wires feature sintered beads made by the hot isostatic pressing and free sintering technologies as well as vacuum brazed beads. The manufacturer’s in house rubber injection system ensures maximum safety, flexibility and durability. Currently one of Solga’s most in demand wires is the FS model, a versatile tool that allows users to cut reinforced concrete fast and at a reasonable cost.

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