‘No use of water’ more than just a trend

Published 9/3, 2021 at 15:43

Core drilling in reinforced concrete without the use of water, with soft impact and dust extraction, is far more than just a trend.

This can currently be witnessed at first sight on social media, as in almost all relevant Facebook groups or on Instagram, concrete workers and companies all over the world can literally be followed configuring and using non water based setups. Also, a vivid exchange about the systems used, diameters drilled, and materials processed takes place there, with many being astounded that this can work effectively. 

Not using water in core drilling is proving to work especially in places where core drilling with water is impossible or extremely demanding, for example in sensitive areas such as already inhabited rooms, hygiene areas, offices or cellars. The dust free and clean work has advantages as it works as simply and effectively as dry drilling without a lot of tedious, necessary additional working steps, especially during the preparation and follow up of a project. In addition, the job is often done faster because the drilling is often finished in less time than with conventional wet drilling. 

Aiding the process are developments such as the Kern-Deudiam Unix2 or Beto dry core drills, meaning even reinforced concrete can be drilled. They are said to maximise efficiency and flexibility in daily use on the construction site and lead to improved cleanliness. Moreover, the core drilling motors are continuously optimised in a way that makes dry drilling in concrete even easier: in particular, the features and technology of the machines are being further improved. So called ‘hybrid machines’ are also in use which are able to perform either wet or dry. A switchable soft impact on many models combined with a powerful dust extraction system make working without water possible and more pleasant.

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