New wheel loader slashes fuel costs

Published 3/1 at 14:14

Since 1920, the company, Müller und Töchter GmbH & Co. KG, has been operating various sand pits in the Franconia region of Bavaria in Germany. Now the arrival of the company’s first Doosan wheel loader, a new DL420CVT-7 model, with a ‘Continuously Variable Transmission’ (CVT), has been said to significantly reduce fuel costs per ton of sand produced.

The new machine is being used in the sand plant at the company's headquarters in Wilburgstetten. The Doosan wheel loader is working exclusively on feeding material into the washing plant. Here, the DL420CVT-7 transfers more than 1,000t of sand into the washing plant every day. One of the main factors for the low fuel consumption is the variable transmission. Marc Glesius, sales manager for wheel loaders at Doosan in Germany, explains: “This transmission combines the advantages of a mechanical and hydrostatic transmission and eliminates the disadvantages underlying both systems. The variable transmission changes smoothly from hydrostatic drive to mechanical drive as the speed increases and depending on the requirements of the application. The advantages of this system include, in particular, the excellent traction offered by a hydrostatic transmission and the ability to drive over longer distances with a purely mechanical one. The fuel savings of up to 30% are due to the lower engine speed required to achieve maximum speed or traction compared to conventional transmissions.”

Especially for the quarrying and mining industries, where the productivity in terms of ton of materials per litre of fuel is crucial, the faster loading cycles and higher bucket capacity of the new generation DL-7 wheel loader series also provides more efficiency. At Müller und Töchter, the DL420CVT-7 wheel loader is used with a 4.7m³ bucket, working in both loading and travel modes, enabling the advantages of the CVT transmission to be fully exploited. Managing director, Georg Müller, bought the machine from the Doosan dealer, Rühle, with whom he has had a close relationship for many years. One of the decisive factors behind the purchase decision was the performance of the wheel loader in a one week demonstration at the sand works.

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