New radio-controlled grinder from Klindex

Published 3/10, 2022 at 11:06

The new Expander 1000 from Klindex makes it possible to grind on wide surfaces remotely. The radio-controlled floor grinder is fully automatic and features six counter-rotating heads, variable speed and adjustable work pressure.

The model features autopilot technology and a gear box with thermo-hardened steel gears. It comes with traction batteries. The model also features Automatic Tilting for an easier tool change. Other features include an automated tool change system (the head rotates 90° allowing the operator to change the tools without having to lift the grinding machine); adjustable work pressure from 500 to 1350kg; and a metal gear system within the Planetario head without a belt-driven system. The 380-480V model features a 25hp motor, weighs 1347 kg, and the dimensions are 170 x 150 x 105mm.

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