New products from Janser

Published 9/3, 2021 at 15:59

The BSM 400 is a new renovation grinder from Janser for grinding concrete, screed and asphalt, as well as removing adhesives, coatings, fillers, regulation of uneven floors and for the renovation of concrete floors.

It is versatile for use in floor renovation, being suitable for optimal substrate preparation and removal of coatings. It is equipped with innovative technology in terms of ergonomics, low vibration and easy loading. Versions in 2.2kW or 4.0kW are available.

Janser is also launching the ‘Strato Mobil’ floor stripping machine IV, and according to Janser, it is in the upper class of self-propelled strippers. It weighs 190kg with its weight being evenly distributed. Thanks to a stronger hydraulic pump, its maximum speed has been said to have increased by 35% to 23m/min, thereby increasing the area performance for light to medium and heavy removal work. Its powerful engine, combined with the new hydraulic direct drive, provide the power for the high removal rate. 

The Strato-Mobil IV is self-propelled with forward and reverse adjustable speeds. The adjustable guide handle operates in six positions enabling ergonomically beneficial work and simplified handling. Light, removable weights reduce the overall weight for easier transport. Janser has also recently launched the new stirring station ‘Clever’ which was announced in PDi 6-2020.

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