New Max Orbit from Klindex

Published 15/9, 2017 at 11:19

The Italian manufacturer of concrete floor grinding and polishing machines Klindex, has launched Max Orbit.

The machine provides a great stability thanks to its roto-orbital. It is also versatile thanks to its smooth movement.  Maxi Orbit offers excellent performance while simultaneously maintaining stability and manoeuvrability that allows the machine to be used by inexperienced operators or others with no particular physical strength.

Maxi Orbit is the ideal machine to be used on any surface and in any place. It can reach narrow spaces, flush with walls, and allow operators to work with the handle at any inclination.

The roto-orbital movement makes crystallization fast and easy. The double rotational, orbital movement drastically reduces machine attrition on surfaces to be crystallised, making the job light and easy to do for inexperienced operators, guaranteeing a professional result.

The Maxi Orbit movement causes thousands of vortexes on the tool drawing the dirt upwards. These orbital vibrations provide unequalled cleaning on any surface.

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