New ‘HMG Pro’ hydraulic magnet generator with smart features

Published 19/12, 2022 at 16:20

The new HMG Pro hydraulic magnet generator series from Dynaset now includes smart features. The new magnet generator versions have updated design and functionalities called ‘Dsmart’.

The magnet generators are said by Dynaset to still have the world’s fastest demagnetization time (the company says less than one second). In addition to Dsmart functions, the magnet generator frames have been significantly reduced in size. For example, the HMG Pro 20 is about half the size of the previous model but still maintains its power level. Since the frame sizes have shrunk significantly, the new magnet generators are easier to install on machines. The new models were introduced at bauma 2022 and production is set to start in 2023. The new magnet generators can be equipped with the Dsmart control which is a mobile application which allows users to adjust the magnet generators and monitor their performance, with Dsmart providing data regarding magnet generator usage.

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