New generation of core drill motors CUTTRONIX CM-10

Published 22/11, 2019 at 16:28

When power tools in general, and core drilling systems in particular first appeared and then evolved, it became apparent that the main goal was to simply replace muscle power with hydraulic, and subsequently, electrical power.

Further improvements, until now, have not typically amounted to major qualitative or technological jumps, being largely incremental. 

As electric motors evolved, power tool designers have looked for better motors which, more often than not, have been designed and produced by a third party. Where conventional motors fell short, the high frequency motors (requiring an external power pack) or hydraulic drives (with bulky pumps weighing hundreds of kg) were used. This branch of evolution reached its limit many years ago, with high end portable core drills today having actual output mechanical power below 6kW, reaching 8kW with a hydraulic drive, and a torque/RPM curve that is not always optimal for concrete drilling. The hydraulic systems also have low efficiency and possess a large overall weight.

In contrast, the Kaskod-Mtronix mechatronic approach to the Cuttronix drilling system design has from the beginning been to optimise the parameters of the entire system, including motor and gearbox. The design was the result of simultaneous engineering by one team of electrical, mechanical and software professionals. The team’s goal was to create a machine allowing operation at precisely the speed and torque required for drilling hard and armoured concrete, which significantly increases productivity by shortening drilling time, even when using low end diamond segments. A majority of tasks can be performed with just one gearbox, but two more gearboxes are available to further optimise drilling of smaller and larger core diameters, making the tool truly universal. The rig also has been designed to improve strength, reduce weight, increase the angle range and make it easier to use in the field.

The new generation of Cuttronix core drill motors are based on ISRCdrive technology, with a focus on high efficiency and performance, one and three phase operation, reliability, as well as safety and operator comfortability. In three phase mode, the motor continues to operate even when one of the phases is lost. The use of ISRCdrive motor technology with new advanced algorithms for motor control, enable lower overall system cost, an integrated motor, gearbox, and motor control system in one package, and reach a very significant level of power density and efficiency.  The 10kW rated output power (reaching to a peak of 15kW) of its drill motors are paired with durable, changeable spindle gearboxes (SG15, SG30 or SG60). This covers all the main areas of application for a core diameter range from 20mm to 1,000mm making the tool suitable for drilling masonry and all types of reinforced concrete. 

The new extremely stable, robust and rigid drill rig with stackable column length is built for reliable professional use. It is made of high quality materials with advanced manufacturing technology and allows for easy rotation or replacement of the key parts. The motors feature robust, extruded aluminium housing with high ingress protection rating (IP66) for use in harsh environments and wide operating temperature range. Very durable contactless buttons and switches are made of metal and are dirt and dust proof. Integrated safety elements, such as a mechanical slip clutch for gearbox protection and electrical overvoltage and overload protection, keep users safe, the machine operational and increase the lifetime of the motor. Service alerts indicate upcoming maintenance and, therefore, increase the lifetime of the system and minimise the probability of failure. The ergonomic design ensures simple operation and handling.

Featuring high torque and high power output, the Cuttronix tools meet the requirements for reliable and efficient core drilling. Shorter drill times drastically increase productivity and therefore lead to a decrease in operating costs, keeping both drilling professionals and their customers happy. More innovative core drill models with a built in auto feed system and radio remote control are planned to be introduced in the first half of 2020.

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