New Elite series diamond drill bit and wall saws for professional demolishers from Solga

Published 2/12, 2020 at 14:34

This year’s strange situation, caused by Covid-19, has given players in the demolition and concrete cutting industries a chance to think deeply about the actual situation of the market today and in the near future.

Future market demands tools that make cutting and drilling easier, but without losing focus on profitability. Solga’s goal has been to develop a new range of high performance diamond drill bits and wall saws, and believes that the new Elite series will help solve its customers’ needs and position Solga one step ahead of its competitors.  

The objective of the Elite drill bits is to provide drill bits that are capable of drilling in any circumstances, that are easy to use, operate at high speed but give high performance thanks to their new metallurgical and dimensional configuration.  According to Solga, the Elite series is offering drilling speeds of up to 30% above competitors delivering up to 50% more performance. After years of development and numerous designs, Solga believes that it has finally developed a high performance drill bit for dry drilling to be used with micro percussion machines, believing that this type of drilling will become more popular year by year due to the global lack of water. Additionally, it allows working indoors without any trouble as it doesn’t generate any mud; it furthermore reduces the cost of operation, as it removes the need for one operator to use the drill and another to pump water. 

The new characteristics of electrical wall saw machines led Solga to develop new alloys and configurations to adapt to the new features offered by these high rpm machines, with blades that provide ease of cutting at very high speed. Solga is convinced that the vision and future of European manufacturers is based on constancy, quality and service. Even in times as experienced in a difficult as year 2020, taking advantage of adverse situations to create new products that help customers, is what makes Solga grow as a company.

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