New asphalt crack chaser, industry floor joint cutter from DiaKat

Published 19/4 at 10:08

DiaKat has released its new RK-10 crack chaser which is designed for the dressing of cracks in asphalt and concrete prior to sealing. The model is mainly designed for use during road reparation but is may also be used for other outdoor construction work.

Rear wheels are mounted on a steering pivot which enables the machine to follow the cracks. The machine uses 180mm Tuck Point diamond blades for dry cutting to a cutting depth of 40mm (max). The machine’s dimensions are 970mm x 790mm x 970mm and weighs 76kg or 82kg depending on engine type (Honda GX270 or GX390). The GX270 offers a nominal power of 6.4kW, while the GX390 offers 8.7kW. DiaKat states that other features include a precise adjustment of cutting depth functionality, forward rotation for the tool which leaves less debris in the joint, as well as ergonomics. Another variant with fixed axis of the rear wheels is also available.

DiaKat has also released the RK10E, a joint cutter designed mainly to use for industrial floor treating and other interior work by flooring specialists for cutting joints in different surfaces, for example concrete, anhydrite and epoxy. It can also be used for reopening old joints or making new joints, so called dilatations. The machine can use up to 205mm diamond blades and allows both dry and wet cutting at a max cutting depth of 50mm. The model can be used with ‘V’ shaped blades for chamfering joints prior to sealing and can also be connected to a dust collector for dust free operation. The model is available with two electric motors: a 230V Cima or a 400V Siemens with a nominal power of 2.2kW or 4kW respectively. Its dimensions are 970mm x 630mm x 970mm, and the machine weighs 67kg or 75kg depending on the choice of engine.

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