New ‘817 Electro Battery’ machine concept from Sennebogen

Published 3/10, 2022 at 11:09

The 817 Electro Battery battery powered electric material handler is the first battery powered model that Sennebogen will be adding to its tried and tested electric range in the future.

For over 30years, Sennebogen has been building electric material handlers, which are used stationary or with limited mobility due to the cable, and provide a solution for a wide range of applications. Sennebogen’s new 817 Electro Battery material handler can continue working even when it is connected to the mains power for charging. In mains operation, dual power management ensures that the power supply from the mains is used for the work movements, while the excess power fed in also recharges the batteries so that the machine can then work independently again. With an assumed 2,000h/year and energy generation from renewable energy sources, the battery powered material handler is said to save an average of 31,800kg of CO2 /year when compared to its diesel powered counterparts and with equal freedom of movement. In future, the battery option will be available for the entire electric series of the 817 to 825 models.

The battery powered version of the 817 E electric material handler has a 9m reach and 18t operating weight. If the material handler is connected to the mains, it uses the wired power supply for the work movements without restricting the freedom of movement of the upper carriage and equipment. Because the charging power is supplied to the undercarriage, the machine can continue to swivel and work 360°. If more power is supplied to the machine than it consumes, this is used to charge the batteries at the rear. If the mains connection is disconnected, the 817 Electro Battery automatically detects this and works autonomously in battery operation with the same performance data. Depending on the power requirement, the battery pack enables working times of six hours without recharging.

Thanks to the CEE 63 A connector system, the 817 Electro Battery can use the existing infrastructure of an industrial company. Charging the batteries at any location is also an option, as a simple industrial socket is sufficient. Current peaks when working with the machine can be avoided via peak shaving. The integrated power electronics also ensure a gentle motor start that is particularly gentle on the mains power grid.


More convenience, reduced service requirements, maximum safety

The battery model also offers all the advantages of the Sennebogen electric material handler in terms of operator comfort and service. At the same time, the machine operates with less vibration and noise, does not need to be refueled and has reduced service requirements, as there is no need to change the engine oil, etc. The dual power management system automatically detects the energy source and switches to the corresponding working mode automatically. In addition to regular diagnosis, the machine independently detects faults and interventions in the high voltage system and then switches off in a controlled manner, which provides safe processes in every situation.

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