New 1800H Power from Ronda

Published 22/11, 2019 at 10:04

An important focal point for health and safety bodies is how to reduce dust nuisance, for example, when handling quartz or plaster dust.

This has resulted in operators when coming into contact with such materials being recommended to use a class-H vacuum cleaner. This has led to Ronda launching the 1800H Power. This is a class-H vacuum cleaner with the same motor, motor control, vacuum power etc. as the Ronda 200H Power, but with a large multi tube filter which ensures optimum operating conditions even with large amounts of fine dust. The machine is also equipped with a strong metal frame and large wheels which make it easier to move around.

The Ronda 1800H Power is available in two versions, one with a Longopac collection system, and one with collection in a metal container. The Ronda 1800H Power with Longopac has been developed for customers especially within the construction and demolition industries who require dust collecting into Longopac bags (endless plastic bags) as this enables relatively dust free emptying. The Ronda1800H Power with collection container enables vacuumed material to be collected in a metal container, which is released by lifting a handle, quickly and effectively. A disposable container is also delivered with the machine as a standard accessory which makes it possible to insert a plastic bag.

The previously available Ronda 1200H has been replaced by the 1800H Power and is therefore no longer available.

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