Multifunctional Sennebogen ‘830 Demolition’ machine

Published 20/12, 2022 at 10:46

At the demolition site, two factors determine the success of a project: high safety and time and cost saving solutions. Sennebogen says that it meets both requirements, in particular with the multifunctional 830 Demolition machine.

The tried and tested 48t machine was shown at bauma with two new equipment features that make it extremely versatile. In addition to three part demolition equipment with a maximum pin height of 23m, Sennebogen also presented a fully hydraulically unloadable counterweight, which can be removed at the push of a button.

Demolition work often takes place in urban areas to create space for new construction projects. Urban demolition sites are therefore characterised primarily by confined spaces or limited working areas for the machines used. The 830 Demolition has been designed to work in cramped, inner city construction sites thanks to its state of the art environmentally friendly engine technology, its compact dimensions, flexible operation in 360o swivel mode and various equipment options. In addition to numerous other safety features, the machine is said to have the widest outrigger in its class with a standing width of up to 4.50m. This provides optimal stability and vibration free working, even for dismantling tasks at great height. The elevating cab, which can be tilted up to 30o, not only gives the operator an excellent overview of the work, but also keeps them at a safe distance from the danger zone.

With the machine’s powerful hydraulics, a wide variety of equipment can be operated, from demolition cutters to pulverisers, and can also be changed rapidly thanks to the optional quick changer. The machine also has been designed to deliver excellent sorting performance as in the increasingly important field of demolition recycling the separation of construction waste that is accumulated is increasingly important.

The new long-front equipment for the 830 Demolition enables working from an even greater distance from the demolition object and thus provides even more safety. With the AB23 three part demolition equipment, Sennebogen has designed and introduced an equipment option that not only increases the safe working distance, but also makes the machine even more flexible to use. The 830 Demolition can  reach higher heights (23m) and work over projecting edges with its new articulated boom. With the help of the fully hydraulic quick change system, equipment can be picked up or put down at the push of a button and quickly and safely switched to shorter handling equipment without the operator having to leave the cab. With just one machine, an operator is able to carry out a wide range of tasks and thus save time, fuel and transport costs.

Thanks to the new equipment option with a removable counterweight, the 830 Demolition can also be transported even faster and more cost effectively in up to three parts by low loader. A button on the remote control reduces the transport weight of the 830 Demolition by around 10t using the fully hydraulic ballast rack. In addition, the transport width of the telescopic crawler undercarriage can be reduced to 2.90m. This means that the three part demolition equipment can be transported to the next job in a transport frame providing a simple, cost saving and efficient solution.

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