Mobile recycling equipment 2017

Published 17/5, 2017 at 12:42

New mobile crushing and screening is entering the market. Mikael Karlsson reports.

Metso’s latest

Metso is presenting the M&J FineShred 1550 and 3550, two new single shaft fine shredders with vertical feed by a pusher that are ideal for handling a wide range of different materials including for refuse derived fuel production. They can deliver a throughput up to 17t/h, depending on the output size, and has a homogeneous output from 10mm to 100mm.

The multi-edged shaft is fitted with a patented knife system and is fed by a pusher that ensures that material is not forced onto the shaft, and a minimum of heat is generated. The hydraulic drive reduces power peak on the grid and guarantees impact resistant and resonance-free power transmission. 

The patented shaft can be fitted with a number of different cutting tools. Knife blocks are positioned using a self-centring, distortion and tilt safe assembly. The geometry of the 12 edged shaft minimizes the risk of materials getting entangled, and prevents the machine from heating up. Knives are available in different designs to suit the demands from different applications. The positioning of counter knives in relation to rotating knives delivers a clean cut minimizing dust emissions. Cutting clearance is easily adjusted using the notches provided.

Knives and knife holders are easy to fasten and change. The service hatch on the outside of the two one-shafted machines provides easy access to service the shaft or change the knives. Ease of maintenance ensures minimal down time.

The precise cutting of material minimizes the strain on the screens. The absence of pressure on the screen means the open area can be optimized to ensure a high output rate. Granules can be discharged using screw or belt conveyors.

The hydraulic system consists of a variable pump with power control, an integrated feed pump and a hydraulic motor mounted on each shaft. This double hydrostatic system provides maximum output and the most reliable performance available.


New shredder from Arjes

The Arjes VZ 850 DK with special comb is a recently announced shredder that is suitable for wood waste recycling, without the combs for almost any material. It has a 573kW Volvo Penta diesel engine and central control panel with multi-display for monitoring the machine data. The VZ 850 DK is one of the company’s most popular models. With a special comb during a test in the UK the customer shredded 96t of waste wood in 3h with a final material size of 80mm and less and only 5t oversize. The material is fed to the shafts with two tilting hoppers front and back. The optional hydraulically adjustable magnet separates ferrous material.


News from Rubble Master

At Conexpo Austrian manufacturer Rubble Master showed their well known crushers RM 70GO! and RM 100GO! Visitors were also able to see the new mesh deck screen and refeeding belt on the RM 100GO!. The top priority in development was to achieve high precision in the separation of the screened materials. Oversized material is then transported back to the vibro-channel using the RM RFB7540GO! refeeding belt and subsequently fed back into the crusher. The pivoting refeeding belt also allows the oversized material to be discharged at any angle between 90° and 180°. Additionally, thanks to the higher output, trucks can now be filled directly with oversized material.

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